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Posted: Tue, Jun 26, 2018
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, June 26, 2018 K’jipuktuk (Halifax) - If you live near Nova Scotia’s coastline, rely on it for your livelihood, or are concerned about the impact of rising sea levels on coastal communities – it’s time to have your say.
Posted: Wed, Apr 25, 2018
Posted: Tue, May 09, 2017
[KJI’Puktuk/Halifax] – This morning the Liberal Party’s Stephen McNeil announced a commitment to “working with all levels of government, stakeholders, and public to develop and introduce a new Coastal Protection Act” in Nova Scotia.
Posted: Thu, Feb 09, 2017
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, [February 9, 2017]
Posted: Thu, Sep 01, 2016
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, [September 1, 2016] 
Posted: Thu, Sep 01, 2016
Posted September 1, 2016, Updated March 12, 2019.
Posted: Thu, Sep 04, 2014
Halifax -- The Ecology Action Centre is celebrating the Government of Nova Scotia’s announcement that it will introduce legislation to prohibit fracking in our province this fall.
Posted: Wed, Jun 11, 2014
After 46 years of being buried underground, the Sawmill River can see daylight again! You can now visit the river, which is back flowing above ground at Sullivan’s Pond in Dartmouth.