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Jill Van Horne

Jill was born and raised in Northern New Brunswick, but migrated to the Southeast (SENB) over 10 years ago. Her work experience prior to Our Food SENB was primarily in the business industry but her passion has always been with food, the environment, and people. She loves playing music, being outdoors be it biking, hiking, or gardening and has been increasingly interested in making foods from scratch or experimenting with kombucha in the kitchen. She believes there is nothing better than a meal that has travelled only 20 feet from garden to table and hopes to be her own year-round vegetable producer someday. The food movement momentum has been steadily increasing in SENB over the years; the network is vast and far reaching! Jill is excited to dive deep and help boost positive food environments for all!


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Network Development Coordinator, Our Food Southeast New Brunswick
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