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Jordy Thomson

Jordy completed a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences at Mount Allison University in 2002 and a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences at Simon Fraser University in 2011. He has spent much of the past 15 years in international research roles, using telemetry and biologging technologies to gain new insights into the movement and feeding patterns of large marine vertebrates such as sea turtles, cetaceans and sharks.

More recently, as a post-doctoral researcher at Deakin University, he has been studying the impacts of extreme ocean temperatures on seagrass meadows and their associated wildlife in a Western Australian IUCN World Heritage Site (Shark Bay). Throughout his career, Jordy has also worked with non-profit organizations to conduct public outreach on a broad range of marine conservation issues. He joined the EAC in August 2018 to pursue his passion for protected areas and help advance the conservation of marine biodiversity at home in Canada.

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Marine Science and Conservation Coordinator
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