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Making Tracks

Making Tracks is an all-ages program which aims to get more people walking, rolling and cycling through community-based mentorship. People of all experience levels can come to the program and leave with the confidence needed to safely navigate roadways, while more experienced participants will learn how to share their skills with others as Making Tracks Leaders.  

Approved by the Department of Education, our modular and flexible workshops are perfect for after-school programs, clubs, recreation, and the classroom! Educators across the province have chosen to integrate our youth workshops into their classes. Since 2008, more than 19,000 students in Nova Scotia have learned safe cycling and pedestrian skills with Making Tracks.  

Our ready-to-go lesson plans focus on experiential learning and practice, building up skills in cycling safety, rules of the road, technical skills, equipment maintenance and community route planning. Participants will leave with the skills to travel safely within their community.  

Making Tracks Cycling (participants: ages 8-13; training as youth mentors: ages 13-19+ with adult supervision for those under 18)  

Much more than the typical one-hour bicycle rodeo, Making Tracks Cycling teaches children and youth how to identify bicycle parts, what they and their bikes should be wearing to be safe, bicycle maintenance and repair skills, proper riding safety and skills, safe route mapping and road rules and responsibility, with lots of time to practice and gain confidence in their skill-building.  

Keep reading to find out about different ways to get involved with Making Tracks! 

We also offer a Pedestrian safety teaching manual: 

Pedestrian Safety (participants: children and youth)  

Making tracks offers a comprehensive pedestrian safety manual made up of small, manageable modules. There are two versions of the manual: the first delivering a straightforward teaching approach for parents and caregivers, while the second offers a more curriculum-based model for teachers. Both manuals include lesson plans, learning objectives, and Pedestrian Safety Passports.  

Available online here.  

How do I get Involved?

Are you interested in bringing Making Tracks to your community? There are three ways you can incorporate our programming into your school, neighbourhood or family! 

1. Become a Making Tracks Leader 

Approximately 6 hours of training: 2 hours online training, 4 hours in-person 

Available to adults, and individuals 13+  

If you are interested in sharing your cycling skills with others, this program will give you the confidence and skills to lead your own Making Tracks sessions for children and youth. Volunteers and staff from schools, community organizations, recreation centres, camps, universities and colleges have chosen to become leaders in Making Tracks. Participants will leave the training as a certified Making Tracks Leader, capable of delivering the program to groups of children and youth. We provide Leaders in Making Tracks with continued support to ensure that your first Making Tracks program is a success.  

Participants will complete an online training module (approximately 2 hours) to equip them with the skills they will put into practice in a 4-hour in-person session. 

Click the button below to start your training today! 

2. Hire one of our Expert Trainers to lead a Making Tracks workshop in your community 

Available to children, youth and adults. 

Our Expert Trainers are available to deliver a full Making Tracks program to children and youth. Making Tracks workshops can easily be modified into multi-week sessions or one-time presentations to work within your schedule. This option is ideal for schools, camps, recreation centres, clubs and community organizations. These sessions do not certify participants to lead Making Tracks programs. 

Contact us to start planning your workshop! 

3. Become an Expert Trainer 

Available for adults only 

Do you consider yourself a savvy cyclist, or a perfect pedestrian? Do you have experience leading and teaching? The Ecology Action Center may want to hire you as an Expert Trainer to deliver occasional leader training and/or direct-delivery programs.  

For more information on becoming an expert trainer, please contact the Making Tracks Coordinator

Making Tracks Resources

If you are interested in previewing the resources available in a Making Tracks session, they are available below. Once your training is complete, all you need to lead a Making Tracks program is included in the manual, which contains teaching instructions for group activities, bike and pedestrian safety information, equipment lists, and more.  

Please note, leader training is mandatory before leading any of the activities included in the manual. Contact the Making Tracks Coordinator to arrange training.  

Teaching Manuals and Materials 

Please note Leader Training is only available for the Cycling mode at this time. 






Quick Links for Leaders 

Evaluation and Reporting Agreement 

Incident Report Form 

Participant Attendance Form 

Post Program Questionnaire for Participants 

Post Program Questionnaire for Leaders 

Archived Manuals and Materials  

These materials are no longer part of Making Tracks programming, but can still be used to learn how to walk and roll safely.  

In-Line Skating Teaching Manual 

Scootering Teaching Manual 

Pedestrian Safety Training Manual 

In-line Skating Passport 

Scootering Passport 

Promotional Materials 

Making Tracks Cycling Leader Training Poster 

Making Tracks Two-pager

Cycling and Pedestrian Safety Resources 

Urban Cycling Course 

This two-part course is a collaboration between Making Tracks and the Halifax Cycling Coalition. Currently, it is offered in two parts: an 1.5-hour online training session hosted on Zoom, followed by a 2-hour in-person practical training and group ride.  

Click here to read more and register for a course.  

Equipment Loans 

We offer free loans of cycling tool kits to assist your program.  However, to access these loans your session leader must have taken our Making Tracks Leader Training. Loans are free but we require you to pick up and drop off the loans or cover the costs for shipping. Simply download and print the Borrowing Agreement then contact us to arrange pick up dates. 

Cycling Safety Videos 

Learn cycling safety essentials in our Get There By Bike series! To watch the full series in English, French and Arabic, click on the YouTube button in the bottom right corner, or visit our YouTube Channel.  You can also find it on the Active Alliance website.  

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