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Membership Team

Much of our membership comes from our canvass team. Our canvass team is comprised of a diverse group of passionate individuals who care about our province and the work that we do. We have a team of door-to-door canvassers as well as street canvassers. We love going across the province to say hello and invite you to join our organization!

Where is our Canvassing Team?

Our Door Team is currently in Chester and Mahone Bay Area

Our Street Team is high-fiving and signing up incredible members like you around Halifax and Dartmouth!

Meet our Membership Team!

You may have met one of these friendly, blue vest clad individuals on the street or at your door. Our Membership Team members are an integral part of our organization. Since 2011, they have increased our profile in the community while securing needed resources for our centre.

They're passionate and knowledgeable about Nova Scotia's environment and the Ecology Action Centre's work, and are always excited to meet anyone who wants to chat or ask questions about it.

Here's a little more about the individuals who make up this dynamic team!


Rowan SwainRowan Swain
Membership Relations Officer

Rowan moved to Nova Scotia from New Brunswick for school, and shortly after graduation began working in Fundraising and Membership for various local and international Non Profits. He started at the Centre in 2012 as a part of the street canvassing team, and has had the opportunity to interact with our members in a variety of functions ever since. When he’s not speaking with our members, Rowan can often be found hiking, camping, writing, canoeing, or performing around the Maritimes with his band The Barrowdowns.



SarahHope Perez
Membership Relations Officer

Hope grew up in beautiful Vermont, and now calls Halifax her home. She has recently graduated from Dalhousie's Environmental Sustainability program, and has a strong passion for the natural world. Hope has been a tree planter for 3 years and has volunteered at BIO, Common Roots Urban Farm, and Market Fresh Nova Scotia. Hope began as a canvasser at the Ecology Action Centre and enjoys speaking to our members face-to-face, through email as well as on the phone.





Selena DonerJulia McKaig
Membership Officer

Selena recently moved from Toronto, Ontario to join the EAC team. She's worked in professional fundraising for 2.5 years and has represented charities such as Greenpeace, Amnesty International and Plan International with Face to Face Fundraising and has been recruiting charity fundraisers for over a year. She's extremely passionate about conservation and climate change awareness and is excited to represent the work of the Ecology Action Centre. 





Maggie M.
Canvasser Crew Lead

"Born and bred in the south shore of Nova Scotia I was raised to be an avid lover of hiking and sailing. My passions for protecting nature has led me here to EAC and I hope to later become a Marine Wildlife Conservationist. Let’s help save the world!"




Sophie V.
Street Canvasser

Sophie grew up in Toronto near the Beaches where she learned to appreciate living near the water and developed an interest in protecting and conserving waterfront environments. She moved to Halifax to study contemporary studies and politics at the university of King’s College. She spends her free time reading, swimming, and playing the piano. 







Syl M.
Door Canvasser

Syl grew up in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia and has been obsessed with the wonders of the natural world from an early age. Whether hiking, cycling or camping, he enjoys spending time outside immersed in beautiful scenery. Passionate about wilderness conservation, food/health initiatives and climate change, Syl enjoys collaborating and having discussions with anyone who is willing to take action and find solutions. When not out canvassing, he plays drums in a variety of bands and records and produces original music with his project Voieces.





Elina B.
Street Canvasser

Elina grew up in the suburbs of British Colombia on Katzie Territory (Maple Ridge). She moved to K'jipuktuk (Halifax) four years ago to work on a double major in sustainability and international development. Elina's life includes, but is not limited to, making olive bread, riding her bike, painting, photography, and spending as much time outside as possible. She hopes to continue exploring the power of creating strong, localized, resilient communities in the face of the current climate crisis.









Rowan D.
Street Canvasser
Rowan grew up on the Eastern shore of Nova Scotia and now calls Lawrencetown home. He is a student at Dalhousie and is pursuing a double major in sustainability and history. In his spare time he enjoys walking his dog along the beach, playing tennis and traveling around this beautiful province.






Rachel M.
Street Canvasser







 Tristan S.     Street Canvasser

 Jackie M.     Door Canvasser

 Jenna M.   Door Canvasser

  Katrina M.  Door Canvasser


We hope to talk to you soon!

If you have any concerns about our canvass team in your area, feel free to contact our Membership Officer Selena Doner at