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Mobilizing for a Just and Sustainable Future


Join us for a webinar series exploring the ways that we as Nova Scotians are mobilizing together for a just and sustainable future!

Nova Scotia is at a pivotal moment. Globally, the time for bold action on issues like climate, biodiversity, and environmental justice has never been more pressing. 

All around us communities are engaged in the act of reimagining our future and our relationships to the natural world we rely on. In this free webinar series, we explored a variety of the innovative ways that people living in Mi'kma'ki can and are mobilizing together to build an equitable, sustainable future for all.

See below for links to watch the recordings of each conversation.


1) Exploring Climate Goals & Community Realities - March 3rd, 5:30pm AST

Join us for a panel discussion exploring how climate policy is impacting our communities, and what is possible in Mi'kma'ki/Nova Scotia in the next ten years.

Click here to watch a recording of this episode.

Speaker List (click here for more info & speaker bios)

  • Caden Flynn (Youth Climate Striker)
  • Brendan Haley (Efficiency Nova Scotia)
  • Jessika Hepburn (South End Environmental Injustice Society)
  • Elder Albert Marshall (Eskasoni First Nation)
  • Steve Parsons (Corporate Division, Eskasoni First Nation)


2) Powering the Future - April 14th, 5:30pm AST

Join us to explore what our energy system could look like in the next ten years here in Mi'kma'ki / Nova Scotia. Our panel of experts will discuss the regional Atlantic electricity system, our pathway to phasing out coal, the role of energy efficiency, and how we can work toward an affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy mix. 

Click here to watch a recording of this episode!

Speakers list (Click here for more info & speaker bios):

  • Ben Grieder (Ecology Action Centre)
  • Emma Norton (David Suzuki Institute) 
  • Louise Comeau (Conservation Council of New Brunswick)
  • Sarah Balloch (Clean Foundation)


3) Protecting the Ecosystems that Sustain Us - Wednesday, May 12th - 6:00-7:30pm

In the third episode in our series on Mobilizing for a Just and Sustainable Future here in Mi’kma’ki / Nova Scotia, we are exploring local actions we can take to protect the ecosystems that sustain us and the other species who share this planet. We’ll be hearing from our panelists about sustainable approaches to forestry, why we need protected areas, the importance of taking care of water, and community resistance to polluting industries like open net-pen aquaculture.

Click here to watch a recording of this episode!

Speakers list:

  • Mary Jane Rodger (Medway Community Forest Cooperative) 
  • Dorene Bernard (Grassroots Grandmothers) 
  • Karen McKendry (Ecology Action Centre) 
  • Geoff LeBoutillier (Healthy Bays Network) 

Moderated by Erica Butler 

4) Adapting to a Climate in Crisis - Tuesday, June 29 at 6-7:30pm AST

In the final conversation of our series on Mobilizing for a Just and Sustainable Future, we'll be exploring climate adaptation. Even with the best and most ambitious plans to reduce our emissions globally, we will still experience the impacts of our destabilized climate. In fact, we're already beginning to experience it. Knowing this, how can we care for our communities as we move into this future? How do we ensure food security and access to clean water? How do we protect those who are most vulnerable in our society?

Click here to watch a recording of this episode!

Speakers list (Click here for more info & speaker bios):

  • Brianna Maxwell (FBM Architecture | Interior Design | Planning)
  • David Greenberg (Abundant Acres Farm)
  • Tina Yeonju Oh (No One Is Illegal Halifax)