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On Canada Revenue Agency's Audit

On Canada Revenue Agency's Audit

You may have heard in the news that the EAC was recently audited by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  We are a registered charity under the Income Tax Act and as such should expect audits by CRA from time to time. We also have an independent financial audit annually. The CRA's audit of our activities began in the fall of 2012 and is now complete. Our audit was successful and we continue to maintain our charitable status. We are in the process of implementing the changes requested by CRA including updates to our Memorandum of Association and improvements around tracking of political activity. As our Financial Director, Carla Vandenberg, reminds us:  audits are opportunities for improvement.

EAC takes financial management and our designation as a registered charity very seriously. We also like writing tax receipts for you our members and donors.

However, we are concerned about the broader political climate around the policy work of environmental charities and indeed the entire charitable sector section, some 85,000 charities. In the 2012 budget the federal government allocated an extra $8 million to the CRA for increased scrutiny of environmental charities. We believe that environmental charities, and all charities, make an enormous contribution to the debate and development of sound public policy in Canada. We respond with concern to the thought of a chill on this important part of our democracy.

If you have any questions please get in touch with Mark Butler at action@ecologyaction.ca.

For more information:

Canada Revenue Agency’s Policy Statement on Political Activities (Section 14 offers scenarios)