EAC Submits Recommendations to CRA on Charities’ Political Activities | Ecology Action Centre

EAC Submits Recommendations to CRA on Charities’ Political Activities

On December 14th, the Ecology Action Centre submitted a series of recommendations to the Canada Revenue Agency urging the Ministers of National Revenue and Finance to commit to modernizing Canadian charity law to protect the free speech of charities.

We’ve been a registered charity for over forty years and are very aware of the obligations and benefits that come with this designation. Charities play an important role in Canadian society, they often bring public and government attention to pressing issues that require changes in policy. We, along with 25 other organizations and over 24,000 citizens, under the banner Protect Canadians’ Free Speech, are advocating for the adoption of changes to the Income Tax Act to give Canadians a voice through the charities they support. We have reached the conclusion that the current rules governing political activity of charities are not in the best interests of the charitable sector or Canadian society. We are asking that the CRA remove the limits governing the political activity of charities and allow charities to do their work on behalf of Canadians free from political harassment.

You can read our recommendations for change here. For more information contact gabby@ecologyaction.ca