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Take the Ocean Pledge


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Our oceans are important. They are home to millions of wild species, produce much of the oxygen that we breathe and provide food for billions of people. 

But right now, our oceans are in danger.

Canada has recently been making progress on ocean protection through the establishment of marine protected areas. This progress must continue. We need an ambitious plan that includes a clear commitment to keep harmful industrial activities out of marine areas that are set aside for protection.

Ocean health is connected not only to the health of our planet but also our health as humans. Help make sure any party that wants to represent us commits to save space for life in our oceans.

With an election on the horizon, we need to send a strong message to all those who seek to represent us. Let federal party leaders know that our oceans are important to you, and that you want to see continued momentum on protected areas.

Please send your message to federal party leaders now.