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Ocean Habitat at Risk


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Photo: Northern Bottlenose Whale Project

Our oceans are home to millions of wild species, produce much of the oxygen that we breathe and provide food for billions of people. But right now, our oceans are in danger. 

A new environmental assessment off the coast of Newfoundland could fast-track oil and gas exploration in an area that is home to sensitive corals and sponges, and includes important habitat for endangered whales.  

Fishermen have set aside the most sensitive habitats in this region to help species recover and thrive. Despite this, oil and gas companies may still be allowed to drill in these spaces.  

And, shockingly, the assessment doesn’t examine the impacts of oil and gas extraction on climate change. Projects in this region could extract up to 14% of the global carbon budget to stay below 1.5 C of warming and avoid climate catastrophe.   

We have pushed hard for the assessment to recommend excluding oil and gas from protected areas and evaluate the long-term impacts on climate change.  

Our concerns have gone unheeded. Now we need your help.  

The public has until February 21st to submit comments on the draft report. We’re bringing together scientists, experts, and the public to show the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC) that Canadians do not support this process.  

Canadians successfully excluded oil and gas from marine protected areas in the past, but only by speaking out.  

Add your name below and join us in telling IAAC that it is unacceptable for drilling to occur in protected areas, and that long-term climate impacts must be part of this assessment.