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Cooperate for Climate

In the next four years, Canada will face critical decisions about our future. As negotiations happen to secure support in the House, parties must remember the message that voters have sent -- dealing with climate change is not negotiable. This crisis requires transcending partisan lines for the benefit of all Canadians. 

We are calling on all parties to unite and take decisive action. The Federal government must: 

  1. Listen to the scientists. Set and legislate climate targets aligned with the best available science and limit warming to 1.5C. 

  2. Create mechanisms to keep government accountable and on track to meet those targets. 

  3. Ensure a strong framework for a just transition for workers and communities

  4. Stop letting big oil define policy. No more fossil fuel subsidies, no further fossil fuel expansion. 

  5. Fully implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Respect free, prior, and informed consent

Help send a strong message to our new parliament by adding your name to this demand. Call on all party leaders to collaborate on climate, and make sure this Parliament does more than any other to take action on climate.



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