Welcome to Fern Lane! | Ecology Action Centre

Welcome to Fern Lane!

The Ecology Action Centre is located in an award-winning eco-renovated century-old saltbox style home in the North End of Halifax. Our office was renovated in 2016, increasing office space by 50 per cent while reducing energy consumption by 65 per cent. As of 2017, it is considered to be the most energy-efficient commercial office retrofit in Canada.  

Our renovation has received a 2018 Canada Green Building Award from Sustainable Architecture and Building Magazine, a 2018 Bright Business Innovation Award, and has been named one of Canada’s Clean50 (www.clean50.com) Top Projects for 2019. 

We strive to make our office a welcoming and inspiring space for community members, volunteers, and staff to connect, learn, and work together.

How we got here

In 2005, the EAC bought an old house on Fern Lane in Halifax’s North End. It took ten months and hundreds of volunteer hours to make it a beautiful home and a public demonstration of a green office building. Our showcase building inspired hundreds of property owners and builders to make greener choices.

Almost a decade later, we outgrew our home. The number of staff, volunteers and members at EAC had more than doubled, and our need for more space had become urgent! After weighing all the options, we decided to stay in this neighbourhood and expand the building.

We added a third storey and changed the layout of our main level to be more welcoming and accessible. We also made considerable improvements to the entire building's exterior shell to increase efficiency and comfort.

We celebrated the Grand Opening of our renewed Fern Lane office building on Earth Day, 2016!

Virtual Tour

Click on the image below to take a virtual tour of some of the interesting features of our building.

Learn More

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Book a Tour:

We love taking individuals and groups on tours of our office to learn more about green buildings and the specific techniques we used here on Fern Lane. Email joanna@ecologyaction.ca or call 902-454-5226 to arrange a time for your tour!