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The Pop-Up Bike Hub

The Pop-Up Bike Hub is a mobile Do-It-Yourself Community bike repair space. 

We provide the space, tools, and some know-how so you can fix your bike yourself. 


About the program:

The Ecology Action Centre’s Pop-Up Bike Hub is a low-cost, high-impact program getting people back on bikes by providing access to bike tools and basic repairs, affordable secondhand bikes, and safe cycling education programing for youth and adults.

The project was born out of a need identified by Nova Scotian communities. Over the past 5 years, the EAC’s Welcoming Wheels program has provided over 400 bicycles to newcomer participants in the HRM area. Participants shared that a lack of access to tools and parts made it difficult to maintain and repair their bicycles, and many participants did not have access to a bike mechanic in their neighborhood. It became apparent that there was a need for accessible, convenient bike repair spaces in communities. 

The Pop-Up Bike Hub was created to expand the engagement and impact of our Welcoming Wheels program by creating a mobile bike repair space that provides access to tools, parts, and affordable second-hand bikes to communities across Nova Scotia. Through the Pop-Up Bike Hub, we are able to also offer safe cycling resources and educational programing.

The Pop-Up Bike Hub piloted in March 2020 in the height of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Pop-Up Bike Hub pilot was enthusiastically embraced by communities - in total over 10 weeks of programing was offered in 9 communities across Nova Scotia. As a result, 299 bike riders were able to safely get out and rolling again. Simple repairs like a flat tire, rubbing brakes, or a broken part are often what prevent people from riding their bikes.


2021 Season:

We are thrilled to be partnering with over 20 communities this summer bring the Pop Up Bike Hub across Nova Scotia. The trailer will be providing 20-minute bike assessments and tune-ups, safe cycling education, and safe cycling accessories and resources. 

Stay tuned for dates and locations! 


Why Bike? Why Bike Repairs?

Biking offers a viable alternative to driving for shorter trips. While headway is being made to deliver a network of bike lanes, trails, and paved shoulders, not all Nova Scotians have access to a bicycle in working condition, or equal access to the tools and knowledge to maintain a bike. 

Bikes require maintenance. Limited experience with bike repair, needing to drive long distances to access bike mechanics, and the cost of bike repairs are common barriers keeping people from biking. The Pop Up Bike Hub seeks to address some of these barriers by collaborating with underserved communities across the province, offering the tools, parts, and know-how to support people through repairing their own bikes. Through this work, broken bikes will be diverted from landfill and put to use, while building the maintenance skills and confidence of those riding them. 

Access to a bicycle in good working condition provides more opportunities for a greater, more diverse population of youth and adults to use cycling for transportation. Additionally, cycling provides individuals a clean transportation choice to reduce their personal GHG emissions. Other benefits of cycling include the maintenance of physical, cognitive and social wellbeing.  Creating equal access to active transportation options encourages a more equitable, resilient, and green transportation system in Nova Scotia.


How Do I Get Involved?


The Pop-Up Bike Hub is always looking for volunteers to help with any of the following:

  • Bike repairs
  • Cycling leadership training
  • Photography and videography

For more information: 

Contact us
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Program Funders

  • Province of Nova Scotia
  • Halifax Regional Municipality
  • Canada Games Cantre
  • Halifax Public Libraries