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Cancellation of Nova Scotia’s Community Feed-In Tariff (COMFIT) program disappointing

Statement from Ecology Action Centre’s Catherine Abreu on the disappointing cancellation of Nova Scotia’s Community Feed-In Tariff (COMFIT) program

KJIPUKTUK (HALIFAX), Nova Scotia (August 10, 2015) - The Nova Scotia Department of Energy announced last Thursday, August 6th, that they are ending the successful COMFIT program after a lengthy review. In response, Catherine Abreu, Energy Coordinator at the Ecology Action Centre, issued the following statement:

“Cancelling the COMFIT program sends a worrying message to Nova Scotians that the Department of Energy is backing away from support for community-owned renewable power.

“As pointed out by the Department, the COMFIT program has exceeded expectations both in clean energy output and in contributing to the economic development of Nova Scotian communities. This should be cause for celebration, not cancellation.

“While pressing pause on any new applications makes sense until more renewable capacity can be affordably accommodated on Nova Scotia’s grid, ending the program outright is an unnecessary step backward.

“The innovative approaches our province has so far taken to developing renewable energy, investing in energy efficiency, and reducing pollution from the electricity sector contribute to Nova Scotia being one of the only provinces expected to meet its 2020 climate pollution reduction goals.

“This move signals a retreat from success. Nova Scotia needs to continue building on the leadership it has shown in cleaning up its dirty energy system and giving Nova Scotians more control over power generation."


Catherine Abreu
Energy Coordinator, Ecology Action Centre


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