Divert NS and Nova Scotia Government do not have Moral Authority to Charge an Environmental Fee

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, October 10, 2018 

K’JIPUKTUK (HALIFAX) – Today the Nova Scotia Government granted an industrial approval to Lafarge Canada to burn tires for fuel at its Brookfield plant. 

The Ecology Action Centre (EAC), along with residents and surrounding communities, have long challenged the environmental and economic merit of such a plan. Burning tires, rather than recycling them, will not reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions in Nova Scotia, will undermine recycling, and will pose an additional health hazard to local residents. In addition, taking tires away from the recycling industry and giving them to Lafarge to burn will result in a net loss of jobs and economic activity.

One of the most egregious facets of this project is that Lafarge will be paid a $1.05/per tire from an environmental fee collected by Divert NS from Nova Scotians when they purchase new tires. It is EAC’s view that Divert NS, which describes itself as fostering a culture of recycling in Nova Scotia for over 20 years, does not have the moral authority to collect a fee which will be given to a company to burn not recycle tires.

EAC regrets that the involvement of Dalhousie University researchers has lent undeserved credibility to the project. The EAC is of the view that once the tire burning infrastructure is in place at the Lafarge Plant it will be difficult for Government to reverse the decision to burn tires, regardless of monitoring and test results.


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Mark Butler
Policy Director, Ecology Action Centre

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