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EAC Celebrates Forthcoming Anti-Fracking Legislation

Halifax -- The Ecology Action Centre is celebrating the Government of Nova Scotia’s announcement that it will introduce legislation to prohibit fracking in our province this fall.

“This announcement comes after months of hard work by people in Nova Scotia showing that fracking is not part of our future we need,” says Jennifer West, Ecology Action Centre’s geoscience coordinator. “This is truly a win for communities in Nova Scotia, and shows that the government and the public are willing to take leadership on the very complicated issue that is fracking.”

“We look forward to seeing the legislation and are eager to continue to be part of this important discussion. But for today, I’m happy knowing that fracking will stay out of Nova Scotia for the foreseeable future,” says West.

“I’m also very interested to know what the province’s plans are for regulating shale gas and coal bed methane exploration – as we know, exploration has been a huge issue in New Brunswick, and one we’d like to avoid here.” 

“This process has shown that people in Nova Scotia are very interested in being consulted on all oil and gas extraction projects in the province,” says West. “I’m interested to see how the government plans to engage people in these issues.”

The Ecology Action will remain engaged in this issue as the legislation and regulations unfold, and encourage other people to stay informed and engaged as well.

We’d like to thank Dr. Wheeler and the panelists for their hard work throughout the fracking review. We’d also like to thank Minister Younger for making a swift decision about the panel’s recommendations and for recognizing the public’s opposition to fracking.

Most of all we’d like to thank every person who raised his or her voice and participated in this important discussion and made this legislation a possibility.

For more information, contact Robin Tress, community organizer, at (902) 442 5046 or robin@ecologyaction.ca


See the Province’s announcement here.


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