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EAC to Host Two Sea-level Rise Workshops

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, [February 9, 2017]

[KJI’PUKTUK/HALIFAX] – The EAC will be hosting two workshops this weekend to engage coastal communities about sea-level rise in Atlantic Canada and highlight the need for incorporating sealevel rise into future community planning. Part of the workshop will include test-driving a new website www.sealevelrise.ca to gain feedback from coastal residents over the next month.

“Sea-level rise is impacting our coastal communities more and more every year and all models indicate that the impacts will only intensify” stated Samantha Page, Coastal Adaptation Coordinator and project lead. “Communities (residents, fishermen, councilors etc.) need sea-level rise information that is specific to their region – not global averages – and they need tools to help them plan for rising seas.”
At the heart of our workshops is the CAN-EWLAT (Canadian Extreme Water Level Adaptation Tool), a new tool developed by DFO that provides municipalities and coastal residents with local sea-level rise projections and vertical allowances (how high above current sea level new coastal infrastructure needs to be built) for over 650 locations across Atlantic Canada.
“Unfortunately many Atlantic Canadians are still building in vulnerable places along the coast, but we hope to begin to change that with our workshops and website” said Page. “We can ensure that new infrastructure is protected from future increases in sea-level rise through approaches such as vertical allowances, setbacks, buffers, and coastal policies.”
“The new sea-level rise projections of 2.5 m by 2100 from the recently released NOAA report illustrate a grim but very plausible future for Atlantic Canada, especially where the majority of our coast is additionally sinking” said Page. “We have the science and now we need to act.”
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For further information about the project, please contact:
Samantha Page
Coastal Adaptation Coordinator, EAC
902.442.5046 or 902.441.2445
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