EAC Proves that Older Buildings can be Green and Functional as Reno nears Completion | Ecology Action Centre

EAC Proves that Older Buildings can be Green and Functional as Reno nears Completion

Media Release
K'JIPUKTUK (Halifax) January 10, 2016 – The Ecology Action Centre’s renovation of its North End office is a substantial transformation for both the building and the organization. The project, which will increase space, energy efficiency, and accessibility at the EAC’s office in the North End of Halifax, began in May 2015 and will be complete in early 2016.
The renovation is an unusual blend of renovation and new construction. It adds a new third floor to the building - which was built in the late 1800s - while retaining and improving much of the existing building.
During the last renovation of its office in 2006, the EAC showcased a variety of green design features that went on to inspire home owners and builders. Almost ten years later the EAC has grown – tripling its membership and increasing its staff--as has the sophistication of the green building industry.
Energy Efficiency is top priority for green renovations. Energy consumptions from buildings is a big contributor to global warming. EAC’s renovation will add 50% more space but result in a 9% reduction in energy.

Natural Plasters – 100% of the walls will feature natural wall finishes that are made with local materials including clay, sand and straw. These finishes are beautiful, functional, and free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Thanks to training from local experts much of this work is being done by teams of volunteers.

Salvaged Materials – We have salvaged an interesting array of materials including 400 steel door cut outs for use as insulation, floorboards from the existing building to be a new shelving unit, beautiful old doors and radiators from two former Dalhousie residential buildings that were being demolished.
Volunteer Engagement – Over 1,100 hours of volunteer time has been donated to this project thanks to an extraordinary community of supporters passionate about the environment. Volunteers have helped with everything from demolition to painting trim and are currently helping with clay plasters.

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