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EAC Reacts to Announcement of Canada’s Newest Marine Protected Area, St. Anns Bank

For Immediate Release, June 9th 2017

Source: Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Photo source: Fisheries and Oceans Canada


KJIPUKTUK (Halifax, NS)] – The announcement on World Oceans Day of the formal establishment of St. Anns Bank as a marine protected area, with final regulations to be submitted to the Canada Gazette 2 on June 14, marks the next steps in Canada’s goal of protecting at least 10% of its marine and coastal environment by 2020. 

EAC’s reactions by Senior Marine Coordinator, Susanna Fuller, member of the St. Anns Bank Stakeholder Advisory Committee and in attendance this week at the first ever United Nations Conference on Oceans, which is part of the Sustainable Development Goal 14 and related Call to Action:

“Because Canada is beginning to step up on oceans protection, St. Anns Bank was announced in Canada as well as at the United Nations Oceans Conference in New York city. Hearing Andre Blanchard, Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations remarks at the United Nations General Assembly Plenary room certainly made Canada’s commitments hit home.”

“St. Anns Bank development and establishment has been a long time coming. While we have more work to do, both in protecting more areas and ensuring that these areas are supported by their users by the public, this is an important announcement as this area includes a 75% no take zone with the remaining areas open only to low impact fishing gear.”

“The process from start to finish had a few bumps along the road, including boundary amendments and compromises, with several lessons learned that should be applied to further marine protected area candidates. Of primary importance is ensuring that coastal communities are engaged from the outset, which might mean changing how such consultation and engagement are undertaken. Taking pride in the process will lead to taking pride in the final outcome.”

“With the tagline of ‘Canada’s Ocean Playground’ in Nova Scotia, not to mention the importance of our ocean to our economy, food security and health, it is time that we do more to give back to our ocean. This message is loud and clear from countries around the world, and locally is where the action will happen.”

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