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EAC Welcomes Promise of Coastal Protection Act

[KJI’Puktuk/Halifax] – This morning the Liberal Party’s Stephen McNeil announced a commitment to “working with all levels of government, stakeholders, and public to develop and introduce a new Coastal Protection Act” in Nova Scotia. According to the announcement, the new Act would help protect against and plan for coastal erosion, encourage development in appropriate places outside of floodplains and eroding areas, and ultimately protect people and infrastructure from rising seas, more intense storms, and climate change.


“With the increasing impacts of storms and extreme water levels, Nova Scotia needs legislation that protects people, property and our valuable coastal ecosystems.” says Samantha Page, EAC Coastal Adaptation Coordinator. “We welcome this promise and look forward to working with the next government and all parties to make it a strong and beneficial piece of legislation for all Nova Scotians.”


The establishment of a Coastal Protection Act is one of EAC’s four election priorities and we would like all parties to introduce legislation protecting our coasts this election period.


“Nova Scotians are already experiencing the impacts of coastal erosion, storm surge and flooding.  A Coastal Protection Act is long overdue in this province and is an essential step towards helping coastal communities decrease their vulnerability and develop effective adaptation strategies to deal with current and future climate change impacts.” states Dr. Danika van Proosdij, Professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Saint Mary’s University.


“The stakes are high for Nova Scotia, with dependency on fisheries, tourism, and other livelihoods in small coastal communities.  We cannot afford to wait any longer, we need a Coastal Protection Act in Nova Scotia in order to provide consistent and appropriate planning strategies that help us adapt to changes to come.” says Georgia Klein, lecturer at Dalhousie’s College of Sustainability.



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For further information, please contact:


Samantha Page, MSc

Coastal Adaptation Coordinator, EAC



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