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An important update to our April 1, 2019 release

Updated April 3, 2019

On April Fool’s Day (2019), we released a tongue-in-cheek statement about our provincial government’s failure to recognize the Peace and Friendship Treaties that govern relations on unceded Mi’kmaq territory.

Our fake press release imagined that the Premier had come to understand the gravity of Treaty and Mi’kmaq Title, and had finally cancelled the permits for the Alton Natural Gas Storage Project.

However Nova Scotia’s lack of respect for Treaty rights is no joke. The release coincided with the enforcement of a temporary injunction against the Alton Gas resistance. Our post generated more sad emojis than laughter emojis. We now realize the lack of recognition we were poking fun at is, of course, at the heart of considerable pain and suffering for Mi’kmaq rights holders. This is simply not funny and we are sorry for any hurt and pain that our April Fool’s press release may have caused.

As we have affirmed in a previous statement, in solidarity with Mi’kmaq rights holders and communities, local fishers, and members of Alton and Brentwood, we believe that: 

  1. The Alton Gas project should be halted until Free, Prior and Informed Consent has been given by Mi’kmaq rights holders. 
  2. The Alton Gas project should be halted until Environment and Climate Change Canada has heard from rights holders and citizens about new proposed regulations under the Fisheries Act to regulate the company’s brine waste. 
  3. Both AltaGas and the Government of Nova Scotia have a responsibility to respect Indigenous rights, including Mi’kmaq Treaty rights.
  4. The Alton Gas project represents a serious misstep by the Federal government in meeting its commitments to build strong nation-to-nation relationships based on respect.
  5. Environment Minister Margaret Miller should revoke the Industrial Approval for the Alton Gas project until these substantive issues and responsibilities are addressed.

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