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It’s time for Nova Scotia to Participate – Ecology Action Centre Reacts to Federal Carbon Pricing Announcement

K’JIPUKTUK (Halifax) October 4, 2016 – Stephen Thomas, Ecology Action Centre’s Energy Campaign Coordinator, made the following statement following the Prime Minister’s announcement on carbon pricing, and the Nova Scotia Government’s initial response.
“The time to act on climate change is now. We are encouraged that the federal government has taken a first step toward a Canadian climate plan, by announcing the framework for a national carbon price. We believe that this is a small step, and one that needs to be taken in tandem with further ambition, strong regulations and leadership on fossil fuel infrastructure projects, but that this puts us in the right direction.
“We are disappointed and frankly embarrassed in the role that the Nova Scotia government has played in the national dialogue on carbon pricing and emissions reductions, to date. We have a strong legacy of emissions reductions and building a green economy here in Nova Scotia – we should build on this legacy, not end it.
“This would be different is Nova Scotia already had ambitious targets and programs in place to further reduce emissions past 2020 and 2030, but we simply do not see that.
“The carbon pricing announcement from the federal government has given Nova Scotia more than enough flexibility – we have full flexibility in the mechanism used, we have a very low starting price for the national benchmark and we have two years to design and implement a program. It is time to begin consulting stakeholders and the general public in Nova Scotia to ensure that a system is put in place that works for Nova Scotians.
“The Ecology Action Centre, along with major academic and industry stakeholders, have been convening major forums on carbon pricing this past spring and summer. It’s clear to me that the time is now to work together to build a made-in-Nova Scotia framework, and that Nova Scotians are ready to begin this conversation.
“We have every opportunity to make this framework work for us, if we are concerned about the cost burden for low-income Nova Scotians, trade-exposed industry or meaningful emissions reductions, for example, we can act together to build a framework that includes all of these things.
“It’s time the Nova Scotia government gets back at the table, and works with Nova Scotians to build a system that works.”
Stephen Thomas
Energy Campaign Coordinator, Ecology Action Centre
902 441 7136
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