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Local organizations partner to combat unaffordable energy


Te’wapskik (Annapolis Valley)– Last week, the Women’s Place Resource Centre, Efficiency Nova Scotia, and Ecology Action Centre teamed up to respond to the increasing concern of Nova Scotians over rising energy prices. Together, they delivered 3 workshops over two days that focused on using energy conservation to combat rising energy costs. The workshops were attended by 40 service workers and some residents from Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley.

As the price of electricity, oil, and other forms of energy increase, more and more Nova Scotians are faced with hard choices about where to spend their money.  Tara Webb, an employee of the Women’s Place Resource Centre, decided that workshops about available programs and quick energy saving tips could be beneficial for some of her fellow community service workers. She reached out to Efficiency Nova Scotia and the Ecology Action Centre to organize a series of workshops.

“A lot of people don't know about the updates to energy saving programs yet. So we wanted to do a workshop for people who offer helping services in the community, so they could then pass the information on to others who need it,” says Webb.

The workshop reviewed several of Efficiency Nova Scotia’s electricity savings programs, including HomeWarming, a program which provides low- income homeowners free energy efficient upgrades that can save hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs.  HomeWarming is delivered in partnership with Efficiency Nova Scotia and Clean Foundation, and supported by the Province and Nova Scotia Power.

“HomeWarming helps some of our most vulnerable citizens stay in their homes, reduces their heating costs and makes their home more comfortable all year long,” says Kathleen Rankin, workshop presenter, and Efficiency Specialist with Efficiency Nova Scotia. “From seniors, to families, to single parent households, we’ve seen many lives improved from participating in this program.”

Emma Norton, Energy Conservation Coordinator at the Ecology Action Centre, added to the presentation with energy savings tips and myth busting. Some tips included unplugging phone chargers, using powerbars, and sealing up drafts.

“The best thing you can do to reduce your energy consumption is understand how you’re using it. It’s like money; you can’t cut back unless you know exactly how and when you’re spending it. I try to help the people who come to the workshop understand where they might be wasting the most energy so that they can go home and start saving right away.”

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For further information, please contact:

Emma Norton
Energy Conservation Coordinator, Ecology Action Centre

Tara Webb
Housing Advocate, Women’s Place Resource Center


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