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Municipal Election 2016: Moving Transportation Forward in HRM

K’Jipuktuk (Halifax, NS) – In the lead-up to this year’s municipal election, the Ecology Action Centre is raising awareness about environmental themes that fall under municipal jurisdiction. Each week we are focusing on a different theme. For the week of October 10-14, the focus will be on moving transportation forward in HRM.
The Ecology Action Centre is calling on council candidates to champion sustainable transportation issues and identify opportunities for the city to take action on the development of a sustainable, multi-modal transportation system.
Halifax Regional Municipality currently has underway a process to create a regional Integrated Mobility Plan (IMP) and vision for mobility to better link people and their communities as well as move goods.  The findings of this study will provide direction on transportation options and services, operations and policy changes and community and street design. The IMP will also identify measures of benefits and trade-offs to our health, environment, economy, and livability.  The IMP will influence future investment in the regional transportation network.
Julian West with the Ecology Action Centre says, “I’m both excited and hopeful of the changes that the Integrated Mobility Plan could bring.  The Plan has the potential to radically change our transportation systems for the better in HRM.  The trade-offs that we are experiencing under our current transportation systems are too great.  Regional staff and citizens recognize that with the right changes our transportation systems have the potential to bring great benefits to people, our communities, the economy and the environment.”
“The Integrated Mobility Plan is causing citizens to change the conversation about how we move people and goods.  We’re talking about healthy, transportation concepts such as complete communities, a connected and safe cycling network, ways to promote and enhance walking, dedicated bus lanes and bus rapid transit, car-sharing and commuter rail.”
“Recently, our Federal government clearly set out its expectations of how Provinces need to respond to the effects of climate change.  Currently, Nova Scotia’s transportation sector produces 26% of the provinces green house gas emissions.  HRM’s Integrated Mobility Plan can play a large role in reducing this number by shifting the ways that it moves people and goods. The time to act is now.”
The EAC is calling on citizens to contact their regional council candidates and to take part in upcoming public consultations regarding the IMP.  For updates, information, surveys, contacts and more visit  Short summaries of the themes that impact the Halifax Regional Municipality can be found on the EAC website at 
For further information, please contact:
Julian West, Making Tracks Coordinator
(tel) 902-538-0520 or
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