New healthcare facility severely lacking in transportation options | Ecology Action Centre

New healthcare facility severely lacking in transportation options


HALIFAX NS – Transportation advocates from It’s More Than Buses, the Halifax Cycling Coalition,  the Ecology Action Centre, and Our HRM Alliance released the following joint statement regarding the proposed Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre redevelopment project:

“The new facility in the Bayers Lake Industrial Park announced today at Susie Lake Crescent and Chain Lake Drive severely lacks adequate access to public transit, bike routes, and even safe pedestrian infrastructure like sidewalks and crosswalks.

“Many people who would visit the new facility – who are not just patients, but also doctors, nurses, and staff – rely on modes of transportation other than driving to get to and from work and to access to healthcare services.

“Health data in Canada indicate that 91% of youth and over half of adults are not getting the recommended levels of physical activity. Locating a hospital outside of walking, bicycling, and transit corridors increases health risks and costs associated with inactivity.

“We believe that healthcare needs to be accessible to everyone, not just car owners. The government’s decision to relocate essential medical services to an industrial park undermines years of work done by Halifax Regional Municipality – including the Regional Plan, the Centre Plan, and the Integrated Mobility Plan – to make the region a healthier, more accessible place to live and to reduce the overall number of trips taken by car within the Region.”




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About It’s More Than Buses

It’s More than Buses is a public transit advocacy group in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Comprised of urban planners, business owners, students, and everyday transit users, IMTB envisions fast, frequent, reliable and user-friendly transit for all of Halifax.

Halifax Cycling Coalition

The Halifax Cycling Coalition is a non-profit that works to make Halifax’s streets safer for people who ride bicycles.  We organize events, advocate, and provide educational opportunities for people to learn more about safe cycling .The Halifax Cycling Coalition was founded in 2008.

About the Ecology Action Centre

Since 1971, the Ecology Action Centre has been working at the local, regional, national and more recently, international level to build a healthier and more sustainable world. While all of our work is connected to Nova Scotia, we draw inspiration from many places. We work closely with communities as well as social and natural scientists and make strong use of science in communicating our message.

About Our HRM Alliance

Our HRM Alliance is a coalition of 58 organizations representing voices from rural, suburban, and urban HRM with diverse interests such as the environment, business, transportation, health, trails, social justice, and many others. The Alliance shares a common goal: fostering engaged communities and accessible neighbourhoods that protect the environment, encourage better health and wellbeing, and attract sustainable economic opportunities for all citizens in the municipality.

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