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NS Cap and Trade Plan a small step on the long road to addressing the climate crisis


K’JIPUKTUK (HALIFAX) – Seven weeks after the Nova Scotia Government submitted details of its Cap and Trade plan to the federal government, Nova Scotians are getting their first look. 

The plan, released today, sets an emissions target of 45 to 50 per cent below 2005 levels. The plan applies to a group of mandatory participants that make up about 80 per cent of Nova Scotia’s total GHGs, and includes petroleum product suppliers, natural gas distributors, electricity importers and facilities generating 50,0000 tonnes of Co2e or more annually. 

Meghan McMorris, Community Energy Coordinator at the Ecology Action Centre, says todays announcement is a step in the right direction. “Nova Scotia is one of few provinces who have put forward a carbon pricing system,” McMorris says. “It’s a start.” 

McMorris was pleased to see that the plan includes the creation of a green fund, intended to be used for programs that further reduce GHG emissions, create jobs, and help mitigate higher energy costs. The fund will come into effect in 2020.  “This is a critical opportunity for the government to hold public consultations and engage with the public to ensure low and middle income and marginalized communities can participate and benefit," McMorris says.

But McMorris says the plan falls short of what is needed to address climate change and grow the green economy. “Today’s plan will not keep us within 1.5 degrees of warming,” she says. 

According to the recently released IPCC report, we have just 12 years to avoid catastrophic, irreversible climate change. The House of Commons called an emergency debate on October 15 in response to the report.

“Nova Scotia has shown leadership on climate change in the past. In light of our current climate crisis, we need to be more ambitious and show that same leadership now,” McMorris says.

With details of Cap and Trade now available, McMorris is looking to the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act (EGSPA) renewal process. Under EGSPA, Nova Scotia has a chance to fill some of the gaps left following today’s announcement. 

“We’re calling on the government to open consultations on EGSPA immediately – the renewal of the act is two years overdue. This conversation can’t continue to wait.” 


EAC’s work on Cap and Trade: https://ecologyaction.ca/cap-and-trade

More than 40 groups have come together to call for the targets we need with the 2030 Declaration.

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