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Quebec Couple Trade Art For Bikes in Halifax


K’jipuktuk [Halifax] - For the past three years, Quebec mural artists Nadia Bertrand and Sebastien Dubois have been travelling the world by bicycle. 

Originally, they intended to travel the United States for six months. Three weeks in, on a stop through New York City, they ran out of money. Undiscouraged, they came up with a plan.

"We quickly realized that people were interested in exchanging art, anything from small pieces to large murals covering entire walls, for services," says Bertrand. 

Through their trades, they have been able to travel around the world for three years. Now, Bertrand and Dubois are ready to head home. But they need help getting there. 

"We were ready to leave Europe and start the final leg of our journey, back to Quebec. Because of the fees and logistics involved in transporting bikes, we had to leave them behind in Sicily,” says Dubois, “We have done it a few times before, but it was hard to leave them this last time. I really liked my bike.”

Before arriving in Halifax, and knowing they would need new bikes, they started phoning local bike shops. Their calls kept pointing them to the same place - Bike Again!. 

Bike Again! is a volunteer run, DIY bike shop in the North End of Halifax, a project of the Ecology Action Centre. People can come in to the shop and for a minimal fee, learn how to repair and build up their own bicycles. Volunteers also fix and rebuild donated bikes that are then sold to community members at modest rates.  

Bertrand and Dubois proposed a trade; a mural for bikes. Bike Again! happily took them up on the offer. 

Erin Knowles, a Bike Again! volunteer, is excited about the opportunity.  

"It's exactly the kind of community-focused action that Bike Again! is all about. I love that Bike Again! (and Halifax by extension) can be a part of this worldwide art-powered bicycle tour," says Knowles. 

Bertrand, Dubois, and volunteers at Bike Again! think a big sign to help people find the shop will be a great asset. 

"Bike Again! is a great place, with a welcoming environment, and friendly people. More people need to know about it, that's why we thought we would do a big sign," says Dubois. 

The couple say that they are impressed with how art friendly Halifax is. In addition to bikes, they also traded their art for food in a local restaurant and a national grocery chain. 

Bertrand and Dubois will be in Halifax a few more days before starting their journey back to Quebec. Their sign will be appearing at the Bike Again! space at 6070-102 Almon Street. The public is welcome to drop in and have a look at the new sign, or ask Nadia and Sebastien about their travels. 

Bertrand and Dubois also have a blog chronicling some of their travels, which can be found at

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For more information, please contact:

Krista Welsh
Bike Again! Coordinator

Nadia Bertrand

Sebastien Dubois


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