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Provincial Election Resources


Below you can read briefing notes and background information/research to help inform your vote. 


Click here to read our 21 Goals to Advance the Environmental and Economic Wellbeing of Nova Scotia 


Briefing notes:


Other Resources:


A Multi-Jurisdictional Comparative Analysis of Sustainability Mandates of Electricity

This 2021 report prepared by East Coast Environmental Law explores whether sustainability mandates held by electricity regulators in Canadian and New England jurisdictions offer useful models for law amendments in Nova Scotia that would give a sustainability mandate to Nova Scotia’s electricity regulator, the Utility and Review Board (NSUARB). It also analyzes key legislative language and proposes amendments to the Public Utilities Act or Electricity Act or corresponding regulations and explains how those amendments would further the EAC’s goals for electricity reform in Nova Scotia. Click here to read the report and appendix.


Green Jobs Report 

This 2019 report prepared for EAC by Gardner Pinfold Consulting explores the jobs and economic costs and benefits of select climate goals that EAC proposes for 2030. Click here to read the report.


Accelerating the Coal Phase Out: Nova Scotia and the Climate Emergency  

This 2019 report prepared for EAC by Ralph Torrie charts the path for a low-carbon electricity system in Nova Scotia. It proposes a scenario that leads to 90% renewable electricity, a complete phase-out of coal power, and significant increases in energy efficiency and electric transportation – all by the year 2030. Click here to read the report.


Electric Vehicle Adoption in Nova Scotia 2020-2030 

This 2020 report written by Dunsky Energy Consulting for the EAC details the provincial landscape for electric vehicles and demonstrates the need for provincial intervention in order to drive electric vehicle uptake at a rate that will allow us to meet our provincial GHG targets and our national EV targets. Click here to read the report.