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Make Room For Nature

Canadians overwhelmingly want more protection for natural areas and the stunning abundance of life they support. Science shows that we need to protect much more to restore and sustain healthy natural areas, and the wildlife they support.

Right now, Canada has an incredible opportunity to make room for nature.

Canada has committed to protecting 17% of land and freshwater by 2020. And new federal mandate letters re-committed to protect 25% by 2025 and 30% by 2030.

People across this country are ready to work together to support protecting our most valuable places. Indigenous leadership and the work of government and communities across the country have put Canada’s natural area protection goals well within reach. We know it can be done.

But if Canada doesn’t hit these targets, there’s a real threat of irreversible damage to nature and animals. Will you send a message letting federal leaders know how important this is to you?


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