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Canada’s Threatened Marine Species are “Missing the Safety Net”

New research published in the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, shows that marine fish species that are at risk of extinction are not being protected under either Canada’s Species at Risk Act (SARA) or its Fisheries Act, and that this is leading to further species’ decline.

The study, “Missing the safety net: evidence for inconsistent and insufficient management of at-risk marine fishes in Canada”, examined the Species At Risk Act listing process to see if species considered “at risk” – designated Special Concern, Vulnerable, Threatened or Endangered – received conservation measures to rebuild them. 

This study was a collaboration between Dr. Julia K. Baum from the Department of Biology at the University of Victoria, and the Ecology Action Centre.

Please view the links below to find a condensed report on the study's findings, an accompanying press release and an infographic that illustrates some of the main findings of this study.

Report: Missing the Safety Net: Lack of Protection of Canada's Marine Fish Species-at-Risk

Press release: Canada’s Threatened Marine Species “Missing the Safety Net” 

Infographic (

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