Sharks Across Canada!

Canada's sharks are in trouble and we need your help! Get outside, be active and help send a message to protect shortfin mako sharks!

Are you a Canadian ocean-lover? Up for a challenge? Help us make a splash by running, biking, walking, or even swimming a shark-shaped workout. We want sharks 'swimming' the maps in all our major cities across Canada. Recruit your friends to join the shark drawing fun! 

Recent science has shown that shortfin mako sharks, which live in Canadian waters, are doing much worse than we'd thought, which means that the people responsible for protecting and conserving these sharks need to take serious and swift action to ensure that no further damage is done. While shortfin makos are a migratory species and inhabit the waters of many countries besides Canada, our country still has an important role to play in their protection. In November, we'll be heading to international negotiations to ask that a ban be placed on landing shortfin makos, and that all makos caught be thrown back, to minimize the negative impact that fisheries are having on their population. We are asking that Canada be a leader in these negotiations by pushing other countries to agree to measures that will protect shortfin mako sharks.

We need your help to send a fun and meaningful message to the Canadian government to show that Canadians care about their marine species! Submit your drawing and we'll share it with the world!

How can you help?



 Download Strava to your smartphone and register, then join our Strava group. Strava is a free exercise app that allows you to plan track your route while exercising.

Draw your shark! You can use one of our pre-drawn routes below, or try your hand at creating your own shark masterpiece! You can use the app to design a route in advance.

Send us your shark! You can just send us a screenshot of your  through email, Twitter (@EAC_Marine), Facebook or Instagram. Just tag us and use #SharksAcrossCanada, and we'll share your awesome work with all our followers


What we're up to:

We want to send a fun and meaningful message to the Canadian government to show that Canadians care about their marine species! We'll create a map of all the sharks Canadians have drawn across the nation and send your mako shark drawings to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans along with a message about the importance of conserving these beautiful sharks.
We're an environmental charity based in Halifax, NS. We work to protect sharks and we love being active outside!  In the fall, the Canadian government is heading to an international negotiation where we want them to take a strong stand to protect and manage Canadian sharks caught in our fisheries. We're doing this work along with a number of other groups around the world, as part of the Shark League for the Atlantic and Mediterranean, who are also working to protect shortfin mako sharks internationally, and asking their supporters to do the same.  

Don't forget to share your shark drawing with us! Email your screenshot to; we'll share all the submissions we receive on our social media and add them to this page!

Pre-drawn shark routes:

Want to draw a shark but don't see a route in your city and aren't able to draw your own? Send us an email with your location and a suggestion of where you'd like to do your drawing, and we'll do our best to come up with a route for you!

    How to make your own shark strava route:
    • Using a computer, log into your Strava account 
    • Go to 'create a route'
    • Look at the map near you and find a place you think the shark will fit into – parks with lots of open space and few obstacles work best
    • Switch the settings to 'run' and 'manual' – this allows you to draw a route click by click 
    • Refer to a photo of a shortfin mako shark, like the one to the right, for help with your drawing
    • After you click 'save', the program will smooth the route out for you
    • You can now use this route when you are running, walking or biking on your phone app!
    • Once you click 'use route' on your app, just use the indicator dot to trace the route. Each shark will be unique! 

    You can share this route with friends or to our Sharks Across Canada Strava group! When you're done, your activity should show up automatically in the Strava group, if you've joined. You can also upload it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #sharksacrosscanada, and don't forget to send it to us, either on social media or via email!


    We already have some awesome runners and swimmers drawing sharks! Keep them coming! Don't forget to share your shark drawing with us. Your shark could be featured on this page, or shared on our social media!

    Jeanne – Halifax, NS iRon – Halifax, NS Katie – Halifax, NS 


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