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SECURE (Smarter Energy Communities in Northern and Arctic Regions)

During the SECURE project, the Ecology Action Centre will be working with partners from the Faroe Islands, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, and UK to transfer and implement best practices for energy efficiency and renewables in housing and public infrastructure. 

This three year long project will spur the five communities in the Faroe Islands, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, and UK to:

- install 15 energy solutions to retrofit 24 houses
- increase energy efficiency by 5% in 3 buildings
- install alternative energy solutions in 3 public infrastuctures 

The Ecology Action Center and North Karelia University will be working together to facilitate the "Knowledge Transfer Program".  This program will highlight Best Practices from Nova Scotia and Finland, as well as the best practices from the other partner regions. The Knowledge Transfer Program will encourage innovation and adoption of successful smart energy practices throughout communities in the Northern and Arctic Regions. The Ecology Action Centre is thrilled to have such an opportunity to celebrate Nova Scotia's energy efficiency and renewable energy successes. 

The project is lead by ERNACT, an organization headquartered in Donegal, Ireland. The best practices from each region can be found here:

Follow the SECURE project on Twitter and Facebook. You can also check out SECURE's YouTube channel where you can find a playlist of smart community energy practices from Nova Scotia.  For more information email Emma at