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Policy Director

Mark has an undergraduate and graduate degree in Environmental Studies. Before joining EAC, Mark worked as a marine educator, a fisheries consultant both in Canada and overseas, and as a deckhand on commercial fishing boats. He has sat on various government advisory bodies and currently sits on... Read more

Managing Director

Marla loves helping people untangle complex problems. She coordinated EAC’s community food programs for a decade before becoming Managing Director in 2017. She has a B.A., and a Master of Environmental Studies. When not at the office, she can be found mucking around in her garden, canoeing, and... Read more

Financial Director

Carla has an undergraduate degree in science and an MBA.  She spent over 14 years working in the corporate world - primarily telecommunications. Various positions allowed her to live and work in NB, Alberta, Yukon and NS.  Her love of the outdoors helped steer her in the right direction and led... Read more

Community Giving Manager

Dana loves the community aspect of the Ecology Action Centre. Having obtained her BA in International Development at Dalhousie University, she is deeply concerned on how climate change will affect the quality of life that Nova Scotians have. When Dana isn’t signing up members to the Ecology... Read more

Volunteer & Events Coordinator

Joanna is deeply inspired by the beauty of the natural world, and is motivated to do her bit for environmental and social justice. Her academic background is in Linguistics and Language Studies, and she volunteers as a teacher with the Art of Living Foundation in her spare time. She loves to... Read more

Strategic Communications Manager

Membership Relations Officer

Rowan moved to Nova Scotia from New Brunswick for school, and shortly after graduation began working in Fundraising and Membership for various local and international Non Profits. He started at the Centre in 2012 as a part of the street canvassing team, and has had the opportunity to interact... Read more

Membership Relations Officer

Hope grew up in beautiful Vermont, and now calls Halifax her home. She has recently graduated from Dalhousie's Environmental Sustainability program, and has a strong passion for the natural world. Hope has been a tree planter for 3 years and has volunteered at BIO, Common Roots Urban Farm, and... Read more

Data & Systems Officer

Sam always has something interesting on the go. Right now, he’s designing a board game about climate change, hosting a systems thinking movie night, and participating in a bi-weekly role-playing game where everyone controls a demon and we’re all desperately trying to hold on to our humanity. A... Read more

Communications Officer

There’s nothing Jesse loves more than a problem. Always with an eye to the details, he brings a unique background to finding creative solutions. Jesse has worked in education, project management, marketing, communications and public relations. His fluency in emerging technology makes him a... Read more

Built Environment

Sustainable Cities Coordinator

Meredith is motivated by a love for building and supporting connected communities. She is passionate about the collaboration between public and non-profit sectors in urban planning.  Before starting with the EAC she worked as the Executive Director of Trips By Transit as well as with the Nature... Read more

Coastal and Water

Senior Coastal Adaptation Coordinator

Nancy has been working as an ‘expert generalist’ in the non-profit sector in Nova Scotia since 2000, conducting research, designing and implementing program evaluation, managing projects and finances, facilitating stakeholder consultations and analyzing and developing policy.

As Senior... Read more

Community Conservation Research Coordinator

Sadie Beaton grew up in rural Nova Scotia running around in the mossy woods and hanging out on fishing wharves waiting for interesting things to happen. She has been working with Ecology Action Centre (EAC) since 2004, exploring everything from beach management to community-based fisheries... Read more


Energy Campaign Coordinator

Stephen Thomas has been the Energy Campaign Coordinator since 2016. As a co-lead of the Energy Action Team, Stephen leads the Team’s policy, advocacy and campaigning work on energy and climate change issues, and supports the overall work of the staff and volunteer teams. With a keen focus on a... Read more

Efficiency Buildings Coordinator

Ben grew up in the Annapolis Valley surrounded by farms and learned early in life the value of hard work and the many ways that a simple life change can save a person money. Ben graduated from Acadia University with a Professional Studies degree in Community Development and Environmental... Read more

Community Energy Coordinator

With a deep interest in how people interact with the environment, Meghan brings thoughtfulness, creativity and a collaborative approach to the energy team. As the Community Energy Coordinator, Meghan is focused on bringing climate change down to the level of peoples everyday realities, and... Read more


Senior Coordinator, Community Food

For 10+ years, Aimee has been working both locally and internationally to develop community-based initiatives that promote health, challenge inequalities, and build local economies. In her role as Senior Coordinator, Community Food, Aimee works to develop program and policy initiatives that aim... Read more

Senior Coordinator, Community Food

Satya’s passion lies in combining community engagement, research and policy change to support civic engagement and social change for healthy, just and sustainable food systems. Her interest in social and environmental justice started over 20 years ago and has ranged from community gardens to... Read more

Community Food Coordinator (Halifax)

Currently on maternity leave.


Jen coordinates the Community Food Leader Certificate Program for organizations in Halifax, Cape Breton, and Cumberland who want to make it easier for their communities to grow, eat... Read more

Research and Evaluation Coordinator

Maggie has worked in environmental conservation and science education for over eight years in a diversity of roles at non-profits in Newfoundland, Europe and Nova Scotia. She has a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Geography from Memorial University of Newfoundland where she used qualitative and quantitative... Read more

Community Food Coordinator (Cape Breton)

Jody is dedicated to educating, empowering, and mobilizing community around food, from localizing our food system and economy, to the underlying rights, values, and social responsibilities. As an organizer, facilitator, researcher and farmer, Jody brings to her work a passion and optimism for... Read more

Food Program Coordinator (Cape Breton)

Currently on maternity leave.

A large part of Georgia’s work is around public education, and she has been supporting groups and communities to develop and deliver a variety of food and garden programs. This includes supporting the planning, organizing and building of community... Read more

Network Development Coordinator, Our Food Southeast New Brunswick

Jill was born and raised in Northern New Brunswick, but migrated to the Southeast (SENB) over 10 years ago. Her work experience prior to Our Food SENB was primarily in the business industry but her passion has always been with food, the environment, and people. She loves playing music, being... Read more


Marine Policy Coordinator

Shannon's focus is on ensuring responsible fisheries management for long term ecological and economic sustainability at the local, national, and international level. She is the lead at the EAC on engagement in fisheries eco-certification and aquaculture policy and regulation. She has been... Read more

Marine Science and Conservation Coordinator

Jordy completed a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences at Mount Allison University in 2002 and a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences at Simon Fraser University in 2011. He has spent much of the past 15 years in international research roles, using telemetry and biologging technologies to gain new insights... Read more

Sustainable Seafood Coordinator

Christina is dedicated to advancing seafood sustainability through policy changes, industry improvements and consumer education. She works as the Eastern Canada representative for SeaChoice, a partnership formed by the Ecology Action Centre, David Suzuki Foundation and Living Oceans Canada. ... Read more


Active Transportation Program Officer

Sustainable Transportation Coordinator

Kelsey Lane is passionate about the environment, and sees just transportation systems as a linchpin in the creation of vibrant and resilient communities. Prior to joining EAC, Kelsey was the executive director of the Halifax Cycling Coalition, and has worked for NGOs around the world on business... Read more

Youth Active Transportation Coordinator - Cape Breton & Eastern NS

Stephanie has been connected to the Active Transportation community for over 10 years, through ENGOs, grassroots community groups and regional committees, as well as multiple research projects. She has been working with the (amazing!) EAC since 2010. She’s intent on helping create communities... Read more

Making Tracks Coordinator

Ashleigh has been using bikes as her primary mode of transport since renting one in Berlin in 2009 to see the sights. Infatuated by the grace, ease and sight lines of an upright bike, Ashleigh invested in a 3-speed dutch bike with her remaining travel funds and insisted on commuting everywhere... Read more


Wilderness Coordinator

Raymond Plourde is the Senior Wilderness Coordinator at the Ecology Action Centre and a long-time member of the EAC team. He has been a leading advocate for protecting important natural areas throughout the province and for improving land-use practices on the so-called “working landscape” for... Read more

Wilderness Outreach Coordinator
Karen spent her childhood exploring the woods and waters of Ontario and Quebec, clearly the "nature nut" of her family. Her passion for the environment, paired with a lot of hard work, has earned her a BSc. in Ecology, and Master's of Environmental Studies. Since moving to Nova Scotia in 2005... Read more