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Stephen Thomas

Stephen Thomas has been the Energy Campaign Coordinator since 2016. As a co-lead of the Energy Action Team, Stephen leads the Team’s policy, advocacy and campaigning work on energy and climate change issues, and supports the overall work of the staff and volunteer teams. With a keen focus on a justice-based transition to a fossil-free economy and the community-based aspects of renewable energy development, Stephen is grateful to be working alongside so many brilliant and thoughtful people in this work.
Stephen has a mechanical engineering degree and specialized in energy systems analysis during his studies at Dalhousie University. Before joining the Energy Action Team staff, Stephen worked as an engineer and project manager with two of the leading renewable energy developers in Nova Scotia, developing 40 MW of community wind energy under the COMFIT program and helping to manage a development portfolio of over 300MW of community-focused projects across North America.
Stephen attended the COP21 climate negotiations in Paris as part of the Canadian Youth Delegation, was a founding member of the fossil fuel divestment campaign at Dalhousie University, and a member of various climate and environmental justice organizations in Nova Scotia.
Stephen loves cycling, gardening and solar-powering concerts.

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Energy Campaign Coordinator
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