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The Ecology Action Centre acknowledges the support of the organizations and individuals listed below. Without these gifts, the work of the EAC could not be accomplished. While the world grapples with the enormous impact of COVID-19, EAC is grateful for the generous, loyal and dedicated support of donors like you which enable EAC to remain focused, if not even more so, on the pressing environmental issues we all face.

Anne Marie Dalton and Paul Bowlby

Ardythe Wildsmith

Brian Gifford and Lee Seymour 

Candace Stevenson

Charlotte Mendel

Clayton Orthodontics

Colleen O’Malley 

Corinne and Jack Duffy

Darcy & Roger Gillis 

David Blackwell

David Gass

David Malcom Lewis 

Dawn and Dominique Villermet

Debra Burleson and Chris Purcell

Diane and Wesley Campbell 

Donald and Joleen Gordon 

Dr. Emma Burns 

Dusan Soudek

Erica Schollenberg and Johnathan Munroe

Fred Harrington and Karen Hollett

Gary Ward

Geoff Black

Graham and Sue Smith

Harry Beach  

Heather White

Heidi Taylor and Denis Leclaire

Helga and Jacques Saint-Pierre 

Helga Guderley and John Himmelman

Janet Ross and Steven Burns

Jeremy Lundholm and Lianne Yoshida

John and Pamela Crace 

Jolene Cook

Judith Cookey

Karen Beazley  

Karen Miner 

Kathleen Flanagan 

Leslie Wade

Linda and Henry Hicks

Lyn Salsman Waller

Maggy Burns

Manfred Gangl 

Margie Macdonald

Mary and Doug Rigby

Mary Ellen Donovan

Michael McFadden 

MJ Sakurai

Nancy Shackell 

Nathan Brett and Anne Gillies

Patrick Meslin

Peter Dwyer

Peter and Serena Graham-Dwyer

Peter Green and Gerrie Masters

Philomena Hughes

Richard Rachals and Sue Kashanski 

Richmond Campbell and Sue Sherwin

Robert Aske

Roger Davies and Helen Lofgren

Sheila Stevenson and Stephen Archibald

Suzanne Leclaire

Tammy Wright 

The Black Market

Tom Welch and Anne Lambert

Valerie Evans and Alain Chamagne

W. Kevin Jager 

Wendy Lill and Richard Starr