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Tell the Province You Support Rapid Transit, E-Buses

Last month, Halifax Council unanimously supported the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Electric Bus Proposal (EBP). Dedicated bus lanes, new ferry services and 210 electric buses are just a few of the extremely exciting elements of this plan.

Passing Council was the first, critical step to making this progressive plan a reality. BRT / EBP also requires funding support from the provincial and federal governments. Importantly, it requires the support of the provincial government in order to access the federal funding for BRT / EBP.

The province needs to hear from Nova Scotians that we support BRT / EBP. This is why the Ecology Action Centre and the Clean Foundation have partnered to create a letter writing campaign for Nova Scotians to voice their support of the plan to Premier Stephan McNeil and Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Lloyd Hines.

If you support environmentally friendly transportation that will improve social equity in HRM, take a moment to fill in the email template below. We also ask that you share this template with your networks.


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