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Better Building Speaker Series

Upcoming talks:

- Long Term Energy Efficiency at Windsor Elms - June 10, 2021

- The Path to Net Zero for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings- July 22, 2021


How can we build better buildings in Nova Scotia?

Research shows that we could be constructing buildings that are more resilient, healthier and better for the environment. Regulations and policies are pushing us in that direction, with plans for a Net Zero Energy Ready building code introduced by 2030.

The Ecology Action Centre is hosting a broad spectrum of architects, engineers, custom builders, contractors, developers, educators, representatives of LEED, PASSIVE HAUS, ENERGuide programs and other industry representatives to discuss how prepared we are to meet the challenge and YOU are invited! 

We're asking, is Net Zero affordable and achievable for all?

Some local projects of interest:


Past Presentations:

Anne Lombardi, Lead Building Energy Analyst, Efficiency Nova Scotia
Susan (Hayes) MacDougall, Chief Executive Officer, Windsor Elms Village
and William J. Marshall, Professional Engineer and Partner, Equilibrium Engineering Inc.
Megan Gainer, Architect at RHAD Architects, Roxanne Tate, Professional Engineer & President at Tate Engineering
and David Stonham, Member and Marketing Strategist at Treehouse Village Ecohousing
Taking a Deeper Dive with Efficiency Nova Scotia - February 18, 2021
Energy Efficiency Overview: Barry Walker, Communications Outreach Specialist,  Efficiency Nova Scotia
Energy Efficiency for Multi Units Overview: Kaelan Keys, Business Development Manager, Efficiency Nova Scotia

Building New Energy Efficient Buildings or Retrofitting Existing Buildings - November 19, 2020

New Buildings: Jennifer Corson and Keith Robertson, Solterre Design
Existing Buildings: Anne Lombardi, Efficiency Nova Scotia
Megan McCarthy, President and Co-Founder at Edge Energy
Jim Nostedt, the CEO of SEEFAR Building Analytics 
Chris Magwood, Researcher, Contractor, Instructor at the Endeavor Centre

Deep Energy Retrofits and Energiesprong in Canada - May 28, 2020

Shawna Henderson, the CEO of Bfree Homes & Blue House Energy 

How can we build better buildings in Nova Scotia? - April 18, 2019
Justin MacDonald, On-Site Energy Manager with Dalhousie University and Ted Loucks, Partner with MCW Custom Energy Solutions Ltd

The Road To Net Zero in Nova Scotia - February 21, 2019
Donald Dodge, Lara Ryan and Edgar Lopez 

Commercial-Residential Projects - November 15, 2017 
Natalie Leonard, Passive Haus 

Six-story Midrise Wood Construction - October 18, 2017 
Tom Emodi, TEAL Architects+Planners 

LEED Aiming for Net Zero and Carbon Zero Initiatives -  September 20, 2017 
Lara Ryan, Canada Green Building Council, Atlantic 

Nova Scotia Building Code Energy Efficiency  Requirements - May 17, 2017 
Joe Rogers, Nova Scotia Building Code Coordinator 

Denim Homes and Net Zero - April 19, 2017
Caleb Howden, Nova Scotia Homebuilders Association 

Aiming for Net Zero  -  March 15, 2017 
Rochelle Owen, Director, Office of Sustainability, Dalhousie University, Chair of QUEST NS

Natural Building and Place-Based Experiential Learning - February 15, 2017
Kim Thompson, Executive Director & Founder, The Deanery Project 

Net Zero Energy Housing & Deep Energy Retrofits - January 18, 2017 
Shawna Henderson, the CEO of BfreeHomes & Blue House Energy 

Getting to Net Zero: Reflections on EGSPA and Efficiency One - November 16, 2016 
Bill Lahey, Chair Efficiency One and Marty Janowitz, Chair Minister‘s Round Table on Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity (EGSPA) 

EAC Housing Evolution - October 19, 2016 
Stephen Crowell, Nova Scotia's original Net Zero builder 

R2000 RENOVATION Renovator Challenge & Opportunity - October 19, 2016 
Stephen Crowell, Nova Scotia's original Net Zero builder 

Renewable Energy Builder Challenge & Opportunity - October 19, 2016 
Stephen Crowell, Nova Scotia's original Net Zero builder 

Getting Back to Net Zero Energy - September 23, 2016 
John Crace, Architect 

Net zero potential in custom residential construction - June 23, 2016 
Don Roscoe, passive solar home builder 

Net Zero Housing in Canada: from the 70's to now - May 12, 2016
Keith Robertson, Solterre Design 

New and renovated LEED PassiveHaus 


The BBSS is brought to you by EAC in partnership with Efficiency Nova Scotia