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Walking School Bus

About the Walking School Bus

The Walking School Bus is a great way for students to travel to school. Basically, it's a group of students who regularly walk to school together, often led by adult volunteers. A Walking School Bus provides adult supervision, safety in numbers, physical activity, a great social atmosphere and fun on the way to school! Students arrive energized and ready for the day. A Cycling School Bus is a variation with bikes.

The Ecology Action Centre can assist your group in organizing a Walking School Bus. 

What is a Walking School Bus? See for yourself here:


How to Get Involved

The Ecology Action Centre can assist your group in organizing a Walking School Bus. Contact us for a meeting or presentation.

Register Here

When you register your Walking School Bus, you'll receive a starter kit, including:


Walking School Bus Liability Concerns

Walkability checklist - to assess the infrastructure work that may be needed to improve the safety for students walking or wheeling to school, a version of which is available for both Urban and Rural school communities.

Other WSB programs in Canada you may be interested in reading about include:

  • the WSB program offered by HASTe, British Columbia's Hub for Active School Travel, and
  • the WSB program created by OSTA - Ottawa Student Transportation Authority.

For fun tunes to play for young Walking School Bus participants you may check out Charlotte Diamond's music CD, which contains two tracks: the vocal performance and instrumental band track for “The Walking School Bus” song.

Walking School Bus Feet colouring page -- which can be used by students while parents/guardians attend a WSB information at school to create big posters.

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