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Walking School Bus

The Walking School Bus is a great way for students to travel to school. It's a group of students who regularly walk to school together, often led by adult volunteers. A Walking School Bus provides adult supervision, safety in numbers, physical activity, a great social atmosphere and fun on the way to school! Students arrive energized and ready for the day. A Cycling School Bus is a variation with bikes. 

The Ecology Action Centre can assist your group in organizing a Walking School Bus.  What is a Walking School Bus? See for yourself here:

How to Get Involved

The Ecology Action Centre can assist your group in organizing a Walking School Bus. Contact us for a meeting or presentation.

Register Here

When you register your Walking School Bus, please take advantage of the resources below to help you get started: 


  • Walking School Bus Liability Concerns
  • Walkability checklist to assess the infrastructure work that may be needed to improve the safety for students walking or wheeling to school, a version of which is available for both Urban and Rural school communities. This is also available in French.

Other WSB programs in Canada you may be interested in reading about include:

  • the WSB program offered by HASTe, British Columbia's Hub for Active School Travel, and
  • the WSB program created by OSTA - Ottawa Student Transportation Authority.

For fun tunes to play for young Walking School Bus participants you may check out Charlotte Diamond's music CD, which contains two tracks: the vocal performance and instrumental band track for “The Walking School Bus” song.

Walking School Bus Feet colouring page which can be used by students while parents/guardians attend a WSB information at school to create big posters.


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