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Wins You Made Possible

For close to 50 years, the Ecology Action Centre has been working on  critical environmental  issues from biodiversity protection to climate change to environmental justice. Taking action and making change is what we do best.  Donate now through our secure online system.

Thanks to  the support of our members,  here are just a few of the environmental successes we helped achieve: 

  • More than 13% of Canada's oceans are now protected.  We helped Canada surpass its international commitment to protect 10% of its ocean areas by 2020.  13.81% is now protected with improved standards including a ban on industrial activities like oil and gas in new federal MPAs.   

  • There will be no extension to the Boat Harbour Act. Northern Pulp will need to stop pumping effluent into Boat Harbour as of January 31, 2020, to allow work to begin on the clean up of half a century of toxic mess. 

  • We helped expose years of illegal fishing by one of Canada’s largest fishery corporations, Clearwater. 

  • Canada is one step closer to banning single-use plastic. In 2019 there was movement at the local and provincial level to eliminate the distribution of single-use plastic bags, and the introduction of a national plastic waste strategy. Thank you for making your voice heard by signing petitions, making phone calls and sending emails.

  • Nova Scotia has committed to new, ambitious climate goals. As part of our campaign, hundreds sent letters to the province asking for strong, measurable climate goals -- now Nova Scotia has committed to the most aggressive GHG targets in Canada and will be holding public consultations to set a new slate of provincial climate goals.

  • We  have trained more than 17,000 children and youth in safe cycling skills,  giving them the tools to be safe as they adapt to a future of green transportation.  

  • Over 30 hectares of ecologically significant Bay of Fundy salt marshes have been protected and restored through the Cheverie Creek pilot salt marsh restoration project. 

  • We worked alongside  thousands of people dedicated  to protecting our communities and the environment from Fracking. Today, you can't frack in Nova Scotia – the province passed legislation  to prohibit fracking in November 2014. 

  • We supported the development and release of Nova Scotia’s new Parks and Protected Areas Plan which commits to protect 13% of our land by 2015 and up to 14% by 2020. We keep advocating for more protected areas to this day. 

  • Nova Scotia has taken a crucial step toward protecting the natural ecosystems that defend our coasts. After more than a decade of advocacy, the Coastal Protection Act is making its way through legislation. 

With your support, we can create lasting change in our communities and beyond. A donation of $1,000, $500 or $50 today will go a long way at EAC. We hope you will give generously. Donate now through our secure online system.


What we're working on next:

In the coming months, our staff will tackle some large challenges to help protect the places we love.  

  • We're pushing for stronger protections for the 400 remaining right whales

  • We’re working to ensure Canada doubles the amount of nature we protect. 

  • We’re helping push back against a proposed gold mine threatening the pristine St. Mary’s River habitat. 


These are just a few challenges we’ll face in the coming months. You can help us take the next step. Join more than 5,000 people like you who are helping us take action for the environment by becoming a  member or making a  donation.