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WOW - We often Walk (or Wheel)


About We often Walk (or Wheel)

WOW motivates children and youth to walk through regular weekly walks.

WOW is an easy way to promote regular walking & cycling. Even something as simple as designating one day a week as a walking or wheeling day helps to motivate children and youth to get moving. Entice them to walk more often by filling out their WOW cards each time they walk. Schools or groups then reward their WOW participants with recognition or prizes.

How to Get Involved

Register Here

Once registered, you’ll receive a free WOW Kit including:

  • Posters to help promote your weekly WOW day
  • WOW cards for all participating children
  • A How-to Guide describing how to run WOW at your school


WOW - We Often Walk (or wheel) guide

NS curriculum connections for WOW (grades P to 6)

Program Funders



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