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50 Things: A Provincewide Art Adventure


50 Things: A Provincewide Art Adventure has now ended... for now.

After a two-month run from September 1 to October 31, 2021, 50 Things has come to an end. The app is no longer available for download, but will remain active for those who already have it installed on their phone. Thank you to everyone who supported and participated in this project - stay tuned for what comes next!



50 Things is an app-guided, interactive art adventure in celebration of the Ecology Action Centre’s fiftieth anniversary. Throughout Nova Scotia are fifty original works created by artists from multiple disciplines. Find the ones nearest you or, if you’re up for exploring, find them all! 

To start your adventure, download the app below and follow the instructions. Some of the artworks can be experienced directly through your phone, while others are physical objects. All were intended to be experienced in a certain place, mindful of the surrounding environment and the history of activism to protect it.

50 Things takes place within Mi’kma’ki. For many thousands of years, Mi'kmaq thrived here while sustaining this land. We heed this example as we strive to responsibly steward our environment today. 

The 50 artworks were created by established and emerging artists from multiple disciplines, commissioned by the EAC, and curated with Zuppa Theatre Co.


How the app works:

After the prologue, you will see a list of 50 things. Tap on them for an intro and directions to each piece. When you arrive at the destination, the intro screen will be replaced by expanded content about the location, the artist, the EAC story, and the art itself. 

50 Things is meant to be experienced on a smartphone as a choose-your-own adventure scavenger hunt. We strongly encourage everyone to engage with the art projects in the locations they have been paired with. 


Other important notes: 

Make sure to turn on your GPS/location on your phone. GPS does not use data. 

For iPhone users: Download the app on wifi at home or public wifi. All app content will be loaded onto your phone at this point, so you won't have to use data. 

For Android users: most video, audio and other app-based artworks will be accessed via streaming. Regular data rates will apply if you are not connected to Wi-Fi, and some artworks may take a moment to load. 

The projects at Crystal Crescent Beach and Clarks Harbour have an Augmented Reality feature that will only work on iPhones. Android users will view a video version of the AR experience – but we promise it’s still cool! 


Not in Nova Scotia? Don't have a smartphone? Unable to travel? Looking to access content from a computer?

Email info@zuppatheatre.com, we can help!      


Featured artists:


Poster is available here.