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About the Energy & Climate Team

The Ecology Action Centre's Energy & Climate Team seeks to phase out the use of fossil fuels in Nova Scotia and strives for an electricity system that is clean, reliable and affordable. We take action through analyzing and advocating for effective policy, research, piloting solutions, and building a coalition of diverse groups that share our vision for a just transition to zero-carbon energy in Nova Scotia. 

Projects & Programs

  • Send a message to provincial decision makers urging them to electrify Nova Scotia's school bus fleet for the climate and our children's health!
  • Call your provincial representatives and tell them you want to see policy changes to alleviate energy poverty in Nova Scotia.
  • Nova Scotians deserve a low-carbon energy system that is clean, affordable and reliable. Learn what we are doing to help make that happen.
  • Our Climate, Our Future: Nova Scotia’s Climate Change Plan for Clean Growth is the provincial government’s plan to transition Nova Scotia to a greener and more equitable future in line with the goals in EGCCRA.
  • Energy efficiency is one of our most effective tools to combat climate change and make living more affordable. Learn about the energy efficiency initiatives.
  • To tackle the climate emergency, we need to decarbonize our transportation systems. Learn how electrifying vehicles can play a critical role in reducing carbon emissions.
  • In Our Power is a series of stories of people in Atlantic Canada working to create a just transition to a green economy.
  • Our current school transportation system relies heavily on diesel-powered buses. Learn how electric school buses will ensure a safer, healthier environment for our children and future generations.
  • Halifax has one of the most ambitious climate action plans in the country. Learn more about HalifACT and the city's plan to help tackle the climate crisis!
  • Find resources and learn how our team is working at the policy level to encourage decision makers to take action and address the climate emergency.
  • We believe in a transition to a low-carbon economy that leaves no one behind. Learn how tackling the climate crisis can create a just and prosperous future.

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