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About the Wilderness Team

The Ecology Action Centre's Wilderness Team works to save the terrestrial biodiversity of Nova Scotia. Staff and volunteers focus their advocacy efforts in three areas:  

• Protecting core areas as anchors of biodiversity
• Advocating for healthy, connected working landscapes
• Building a culture of nature appreciation and engagement

Projects & Programs

  • Gold mining poses serious threats to the health of biodiversity, water and atmosphere. Learn more about how you can help fight gold mining in Nova Scotia.
  • The world's biodiversity is in sharp decline. Learn what EAC is doing in our province and beyond to save crucial ecosystems and the species that inhabit them.
  • Wetlands provide habitat for many species and protect against drought, flooding and storms. Learn what we're doing to protect these crucial natural features.
  • Learn how EAC is working to promote ecological forestry in our province and fighting the destruction of our natural spaces by outdated forestry practices.
  • We work to protect Nova Scotia's wild spaces for future generations, ensuring healthy, thriving ecosystems for the species and communities that rely on them.
  • Show your support for better forestry in Mi’kma’ki with a Stop Clear-Cutting Public Lands lawn sign!
  • Click here to read a brief history of the decades-long fight to protect the Blue Mountain - Birch Cove Lakes.
  • Learn about some of the Wilderness Team's past projects and initiatives!

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