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Join us for a webinar series exploring the ways that we as Nova Scotians are mobilizing together for a just and sustainable future!

Nova Scotia is at a pivotal moment. Globally, the time for bold action on issues like climate, biodiversity, and environmental justice has never been more pressing. All around us communities are engaged in the act of reimagining our future and our relationships to the natural world we rely on. In this free webinar series, we'll explore a variety of the innovative ways that people living in Mi'kma'ki can and are mobilizing together to build an equitable, sustainable future for all.



Right now, decision makers in Ottawa are deciding how to allocate billions of our tax dollars, with a new federal budget just around the corner. In this moment, Canada has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rebuild a society that prioritizes collective wellbeing over profit for the few, and recognizes that our own health relies on the health of the ecosystems that sustain us.  

Send a message to government demanding a budget that invests in an equitable, sustainable future for everyone living in Canada!



Nova Scotia’s Sustainable Development Goals Act (SDGA) was introduced in Oct. 2019. It includes a legislated GHG emissions reduction target for 2030, legislates net zero emissions by 2050, and committed to a new climate change plan to be developed for NS by the end of 2020. 

The Act also set a requirement for public consultations to inform the development of new targets and goals. Unfortunately, 2020 has passed with little action from the province. No public consultations, no regulations, and no climate plan. 



What does it mean to make a good life? What does a just livelihood look like? How did we get here, and where are we going?

Join FUTURES/forward artist Yasmine Hassen and EAC for a facilitated art-making workshop series to explore these questions through the practices of collaging, paper weaving, and storytelling. We will engage with themes such as just futures, deep time, decolonization, climate justice, and practices of reclamation. Follow the link for more info and to register!


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  EAC Review of the Silvicultural Guide for the Ecological Matrix  February 2021   Introduction
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By Shannon Arnold (EAC) and Karen Wristen (SeaChoice) Feb. 10, 2021  
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Submission to EU Renewable Energy Rules Review re. use of forest biomass