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The Nova Scotia government has extended public consultations for the new Coastal Protection Act (CPA) until Thursday, September 30! Ecology Action Centre and East Coast Environment Law are will be holding three online information sessions on Sep. 15, Sep. 20 and Sep. 27 to provide you with an overview of the Coastal Protection Act regulations - describing how the Act will work, what we like about it, what we are concerned about and answering your questions. Follow the link below to register for one of the sessions and to find more resources on the CPA consultations! 



50 Things is an app-guided, interactive art adventure in celebration of the Ecology Action Centre’s fiftieth anniversary. Throughout Nova Scotia are fifty original works created by artists from multiple disciplines. Find the ones nearest you or, if you’re up for exploring, find them all! 



During the Nova Scotia provincial election, EAC called for no more B.S. and we're doing the same for the federal election! Canadians deserve more than empty promises and outdated ways of thinking about the environment and our economy.

Follow the link bellow to read more and access resources to inform your vote. Let's demand better.



This federal election will be pivotal in determining the future we want for our families, communities, and planet. We are facing a climate and biodiversity crisis and it's time our decision makers acted like it. We need a government that we can trust to act on climate and address the systemic inequalities that perpetuate environmental racism and harm some of Canada's most vulnerable communities.

Join us in sending a message to federal party leaders: let them know that this election, you'll be voting for the environment! 


Posted: Mon, Sep 13, 2021
Originally published in the Chronicle Herald on Sept. 9, 2021  
Posted: Fri, Sep 10, 2021
The following open letter was sent on Thursday, Sept.
Posted: Wed, Aug 18, 2021
With the 2021 Nova Scotia provincial election now at a close, EAC wants to congratulate all elected MLAs. We look forward to working with the new government and opposition parties to help ensure they follow through on the environmental commitments made during this election. 
Posted: Fri, Aug 13, 2021
Originally published in the Chronicle Herald on July 30, 2021.