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Ecology & Action (E&A) magazine is our membership magazine that is available twice a year in both print and online. Articles are written and edited by volunteers and Ecology Action Centre staff.

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Latest Issue: Fall 2022

Check out some of the articles featured in the most recent issue of E&A below, or click here to read the whole thing! PDFs of some of our past editions are also available by clicking on their cover images at the bottom of this page.

the cover of the Ecology & Action fall 2022 magazine

Keeping a Century-Old Fishery Alive

The swordfish harpoon fishery is one of the cleanest and most storied in Nova Scotia, but it faces economic pressure and risks shutting down. Read all about the solutions the fleet has come up to stay in business and stay sustainable. Here’s the article

What a Four-Day Work Week Means for Productivity, Well-Being, and the Environment

A shortened work week might seem like a radical departure from the status quo, but its roots actually go back decades. Learn about this history and the impact a four-day work week is having on organizations – including the Ecology Action Centre! Read the article here

Green Hydrogen Comes to Atlantic Canada: Smart Move or Decarbonization Distraction?

Green hydrogen could help transition away from carbon-based energy, and Atlantic Canada is poised to make the leap. But there are questions about how this energy source will be produced and where it will end up. Read more here about whether the reality of green hydrogen will live up to the hype.

Tricky Economics and Inconsistent Pricing Impede Transition to Electric Vehicles in Nova Scotia

The way to widespread electric vehicle adoption is certainly not yet paved clear to success. We break down the four pillars or EV adoption and where Nova Scotia is lacking. Read the article here

Two Environmentalists, Taken Abruptly and Too Soon

Burkhard Plache and Meinhard Doelle died in unrelated tragedies within a week of each other in September 2022. We reflect on their lives and the loss to the planet and our communities in Nova Scotia. Read the article here

Greenwashing or Good Shopping?

Is ethical shopping possible under capitalism? How can we determine what is greenwashing, and what is simply a lack of solutions? We answer these questions here

Environmental Impact Assessments: Are they Another Form of Greenwashing?

Companies often use environmental impact assessments to showcase the “environmental awareness” of their projects. Nova Scotia has approved more and more of projects and people are beginning to question if this system still works. Read the article here.

The Costs of the Climate Emergency

The damages from Hurricane Fiona demonstrate the economic toll that the climate crisis has and will continue to produce. Learn how folks are working to restore the coast’s salt marshes to protect communities against the increasing intensity and cost of these events! Read more here

Carbon Cap-And-Trade Controversy: It’s Time to End Exemptions for Large Polluters

The cap-and-trade system keeps a limit on emissions that, over time, will be lowered by the government – or at least, that’s the hope. In practice, the system in Nova Scotia distracts from bigger changes that are needed. Read more here

The Seasonal Gourmet

It’s getting colder outside, so there’s no better time to cozy up with this recipe for pumpkin chocolate loaf – it's comforting, easy to make, and full of warming spices! Kate Duncombe manages the Lawrencetown Beach Cafe and shared with us why this vegan recipe was an instant keeper. Find it here

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