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Ecology & Action (E&A) magazine is our membership magazine that is available twice a year in both print and online. Articles are written and edited by volunteers and Ecology Action Centre staff.

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Latest Issue: Spring 2023

Check out some of the articles featured in the most recent issue of E&A below, or click here to read the whole thing! PDFs of some of our past editions are also available by clicking on their cover images at the bottom of this page.

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What Does the COP15 Target to Protect 30% of Land and Water Actually Mean?

This commitment from COP15 is more complex than it might seem. We break down what "protected" means, how governments will navigate complex issues with private and corporate landowners and Indigenous Peoples, and other questions. Here’s the article. 

Will the Province Risk Habitat Restoration in the Hopes of Striking Gold?

Atlantic Mining Nova Scotia is proposing an open-pit gold mine at the heart of an ongoing habitat restoration and research project for Atlantic salmon. Will protection of this ecosystem be prioritized over economic gains? Read the article here. 

Community-Led Planning for the Future of Gros Morne

When designed properly and centred on community needs, marine protected areas are one of the best tools to safeguard marine species and habitats. That's why the EAC is working in Gros Morne to create a community-led marine spatial plan! Learn more in this article.

Thinking Outside the Doctor’s Office

Increasingly, city planners are working with public health researchers, engineers and healthcare professionals to design a new neighbourhood – one that supports the health of the individuals within it. Read about the ties between complete communities and ecosystem health in this article. 

Chipko – A Movement of Ecofeminists

The Chipko Movement saw a revival of women's power and their concern for the Himalayan ecology. It included voices that spoke against environmental harm and stood up against power, caste and gender disparity. Read the article here.

Protecting the Spaces We Love: Nova Scotia’s Protected Areas Network

As Nova Scotia continues to expand its network of protected places, different designations are available under different legislation. Read about the most common types of protected areas and how protected they really are from human impacts. Find the article here. 

Language and the Land

Indigenous names and articulations of the land are encoded with cultural meaning. Find out how speaking Indigenous languages is an act of resistance that roots life in nature and our place in it. Read more here.

Tiny Organisms Are Having a Huge Impact on Land Protection in Nova Scotia

Frosted glass whisker, upswept moonwort, long-leaved panic grass and more: these seemingly insignificant species are helping to protect large tracts of land in Nova Scotia. Read the article here! 

Vandalism in Our City Oasis

In July 2022, 32 trees in the Halifax Public Gardens were damaged by vandals using a hatchet. What does this damage mean for both the Gardens and the community they support? Find the article here.

Here Are Six Ways You Can Help Save Bats!

Bat specialist Karen Vanderwolf breaks down why bats are healthy for ecosystems, what threats they're experiencing in Nova Scotia and what we can do to help. Read the article here. 

Rewilding Our Shores: The Eelgrass Pilot Project

Like any vital member of a healthy ecosystem, eelgrass provides a variety of benefits for marine life, the planet, and us. That’s why the EAC helped launch an eelgrass pilot restoration project in the summer of 2022. Read all about the fieldwork here!

The Seasonal Gourmet

Homemade pesto is one of the best ways to enjoy a bounty of fresh, zesty arugula in the springtime. EAC’s own Strategic Communications Manager, Claire, shares the full recipe. Find it here! 

You can also learn what our staff have been up to in recent months in the Action is our Middle Name section - read it here!

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