A women holding a clip board wearing a hard hat standing in front of solar panels.

Just Transition

Just Transition is not a fixed set of rules, but a vision and a process based on dialogue and an agenda shared by workers, industry, and governments that need to be negotiated and implemented in their geographical, political, cultural, and social contexts. It is implemented with a set of guiding principles, such as the International Labour Organization's guidelines for a just transition. The Ecology Action Centre (EAC) supports this definition and the philosophy behind it.

Green Jobs

Green Jobs

Climate jobs make both direct and indirect contributions to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, they address the inequities of climate change impacts and assist communities in becoming self-sustaining, while coping with, adapting to, or remediating the consequences of such change. 

These jobs are invaluable as we continue to witness harmful consequences for our climate. We commissioned a green jobs report in 2019 identifying a just transition to the green economy that prevents individuals from being left behind. A major finding of the report, noted in its summary, was that 15,000 jobs per year are possible by 2030 in the green economy.