A group of children walking to school on a sidewalk on a nice day.

International Walk to School Month

October is International Walk to School Month!

Officially, IWalk to School Week is the first full week of October and IWalk to School Day is the first Wednesday of October but you can choose any day or week in October to celebrate! 

IWALK gives children, parents, teachers, and community leaders an opportunity to get outside and discover their neighbourhoods or schoolgrounds. Getting children and youth outside to be physically active plays a key role in keeping kids healthy and focused– IWALK is a wonderful way to make this happen with your class. 

Getting involved in IWALK 2022

Register for IWALK 2022 using the form below!

All schools/groups who register and complete the Feedback Form at the end of October will also qualify to win some great prizes!  If you’d like to increase your chance to win a prize, share your IWALK photos with us and your school/group will be entered twice! 

Please register your school rather than your class so that we can send stickers for all students at one school in a single package.  

kids riding bikes and scooters

It’s not just for walking and rolling students, it's for bussing students too!

Involve your bussing population at lunch time for 20 minutes by:

  • Arranging a walk and roll around the school (bicycles, skateboards and roller blades welcome if permitted)  
  • Have a group walk in the local community  
  • Enjoy a hike on a nearby trail  
  • Walk around the gymnasium