no flyers please mailbox sticker

No Flyers Please Mailbox Stickers

Our No Flyers Please stickers are intended to help reduce junk mail. They let distributors know that you don’t want to receive flyers or any other kind of printed advertising. These stickers are free to Ecology Action Centre members, and $1 each to non-members. Come by our office at 2705 Fern Lane, Monday–Thursdays from 9:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m. to get one of your own!

Do Stickers Work?

We conducted a study to determine the effectiveness of “No Flyers Please.” Our goal was to assess the following: 

  • How much weight in “junk” mail does the average HRM household receive in a year 

  • Are the stickers effective in deterring the amount of “junk” mail received 

  • How many trees are used to provide household flyers on average, assuming new paper use 

  • Other environmental aspects that are being affected by the distribution of unwanted “junk” mail 

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No Flyers Please mailbox sticker

The Results

Our report concluded that, of the 76,155 detached and 10,025 semi-detached homes in HRM per Statistics Canada 2011, an average 26 pounds of “ad mail” was received annually. This equals 2,240,680 pounds in one year -- the equivalent of cutting down two Point Pleasant Parks annually.   

To date, the EAC has distributed roughly 7,500 “No Flyers Please” stickers which have saved nearly 20,000 trees. 


How to Cancel Other Unwanted Deliveries

How to Cancel Other Unwanted Deliveries

Place the “no flyers” stickers on your mailbox or, if visible to the postal carrier, place a note inside. The note should state that you do not wish to receive unaddressed admail. The "no flyers" stickers are fine for community mailboxes. When someone puts a note on or in their mailbox, Canada Post will leave a notice to confirm that the person does not want to receive flyers and there won't be any repercussions for defacing property. 

If you continue to receive unaddressed advertising after you have placed the note on your mailbox, fill out the form at the bottom of this Canada Post page to create a service ticket and they will investigate the issue. 

Cancel the Chronicle Herald flyers (pink bag): Call 902-426-3031 

Cancel the Yellow Pages delivery 

Switch to Digital Flyers: If you'd like to access the savings from flyers without all the paper waste, consider subscribing to digital flyers! One example is "reebee,” a retail technology platform that enables Canadians to browse digital flyers, save items to personalized shopping lists, and search by product. The app is free to download.