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Marine Issues

Our Vision

Canada’s oceans are healthy and our coastal communities thrive. This is achieved through sound conservation-based management, equitable policy and resilient markets that incentivize sustainable fishing practices, while ensuring that Canadians have access to fresh, fair fish.

How We Work

We work locally, nationally and internationally towards protecting the marine ecosystem and maintaining sustainable fisheries, which support vibrant coastal communities.

We pride ourselves in being able to use a variety of tools to achieve our marine conservation goals and objectives, which have and will continue to result in positive changes on the water. We advocate, conduct research, engage in public education, as well market based approaches and legal tools to achieve our campaign goals. Collaborative efforts with Canadians and international NGOS, scientists, fishing organizations and government agencies are integral to our approach.

We work in five main program areas, through specific projects and ongoing core program activities.

Smart Seafood Guide

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Program Areas and Objectives

  • Coastal Livelihoods: We want healthy, vibrant coastal communities where sustainable fisheries are a meaningful source of employment.
  • Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture: We advocate for fishing and aquaculture practices that minimize harmful impacts on the marine ecosystem.
  • Fisheries Policy: We expect national and international fisheries and marine conservation law, policy and regulations which are science-based, transparent and enforceable.
  • Marine Spatial Planning: We envision a robust marine spatial plan in Atlantic Canadian waters that includes marine protected areas.
  • Sustainable Seafood: We are working towards consumer and retailer access to properly labelled sustainable seafood choices that support locally owned and operated fisheries where possible.

Our Projects

Wikimedia CommonsFuture Goals, Outcomes & Impact (2014-2020)

  • Enhanced access, relationships, credibility and trust with collaborators.
  • 10-30% shift to more sustainable fishing and aquaculture methods, with a focus on Atlantic Canada.
  • Decreased privatization of fishery and alternative economic models in place, leading to increased community resilience and financial sustainability based on sustainable harvest of fisheries resources.
  • Increased access by consumers and retailers to sustainable seafood products.
  • Canadian policy supporting sustainable fisheries and marine protection is implemented and enforced.
  • 10% of marine and coastal areas in Canada are protected in keeping with the agreed 2020 Aichi Target.
  • Full implementation UN General Assembly sustainable fisheries resolutions, in areas of the high seas adjacent to Canada and within Canadian Exclusive Economic Zone and impact of bottom trawling is avoided.
  • Strengthened public awareness & engagement regarding marine issues in Canada.


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