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Marine Issues

Our Vision: Canada’s oceans are healthy and our coastal communities thrive


How We Work

We work locally, nationally and internationally towards protecting the marine ecosystem and maintaining sustainable fisheries, which support vibrant coastal communities and livelihoods. We also work to ensure that we support Indigenous communities in accessing healthy food from the marine environment as well as sustainable livelihoods.

We pride ourselves in being able to use a variety of tools to achieve our marine conservation goals and objectives, which have and will continue to result in positive changes on the water. Through advocacy, research and public education, as well the use of market-based approaches and legal tools, we work to achieve our goals. Collaborative efforts with Canadians and international NGOS, scientists, fishing organizations and government agencies are integral to our approach. We conduct this work with a constant eye to the preservation of coastal livelihoods and the communities that they support.

We work in three main program areas, through specific projects and ongoing core program activities.

Program Areas and Projects




  • Coastal Livelihoods: We want vibrant coastal communities where working on the ocean is a source of meaningful, sustainable employment.


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