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Photovoice in the Garden

What: Photovoice is a way to share lived experiences through images. It is a participatory action research and evaluation method developed to engage people who do not usually have a say in the decisions that affect their daily lives, as a way for them to deepen their understanding of an issue. It is also a way to share their story with others, individuals and groups, who might not normally hear them.

Who: 12 community garden participants from three gardens across Halifax: The Multicultural Garden, Glen Forest Garden and Mosaic Garden. All of these gardeners are newcomers to Canada, coming from Bhutan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, and Afghanistan.

Process: We gave each participant a camera for the duration of the project. They took pictures that answered the question: What does your garden mean to you? In a series of four sessions each person shared the story of their photo with the group and listened to the stories of others.

This project was in partnership with Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS) and their Growing Strong Neighbourhoods initiative.

Dhan Maya



The complete photobook is available at Halifax Public Libraries. Check it out today! To view or download a pdf presentation of the full exhibit, please click here.


Photovoice Postcards

I am happier


I feel connected to family


I get more exercise

To view or download a pdf presentation of all the postcards, please click here.