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Policy Submissions

Wondering how we participate in formal policy reviews and consultations?  Here you will find our official submissions to various environmental policy reviews.


SeaChoice Submission to the CFIA Food Labelling Modernization Initiative
Engaging on Key Proposals to Modernize the Food Labelling System Phase III (PDF) Click here...
- March 8, 2017

Expert Panel Review of Environmental Assessment Processes
Improving the Contribution of Science and Traditional Indigenous Knowledge to EA Process (PDF). Click here...
- December 22, 2016

Presentation to the Expert Panel by Mark Butler, Policy Director (PDF). Click here...
- October 11, 2016

Canada Revenue Agency's Consultation on Charities' Political Activities
Beyond Clarification: Recommendations from the Ecology Action Centre on Rules Governing the Political Activities of Charities. Click here...
- December 14, 2016

Environment and Sustainable Development Standing Committee Review of The Canadian Environmental Protection Act
Written comments of Ecology Action Centre to the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development in the review of CEPA 1999 (PDF). Click here...
- December 1, 2016

Presentation to the ENVI Standing Committee by Mark Butler, Policy Director. Click here... 
- October 27, 2016

Fisheries and Oceans Standing Committee Review of Changes to The Fisheries Act
Submission from the Ecology Action Centre on the Review of the Fisheries Act (PDF). Click here...
- November 30, 2016

Presentation to the FOPO Standing Committee by Susanna Fuller, Senior Marine Conservation Coordinator. Click here... 
- November 21, 2016


Nova Scotia Cap and Trade Program Design Options: Discussion Paper
Position Statement on Nova Scotia’s Proposed Cap-and-Trade System (PDF). Click here...
- March 31, 2017